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Origin and custom of the light snow solar term 300 words 24 solar terms what should light snow eat

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people should understand the historical origin of a solar term from what angle. It should be a very important situation, especially a kind of customs and culture it contains. It should be analyzed in detail. In this case, they can have a more detailed preparation when the next 24 solar terms come.

小雪节气的由来与习俗300字 24节气小雪应该吃什么

the origin and custom of the light snow solar term

is recorded in China's ancient book "the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the month": "in mid October, the rain is thin by the cold, so it condenses into snow. It's a sign that the small one is not prosperous." during this period, the weather gradually becomes cold, and the average initial snow period in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River is basically consistent with the light snow festival. Although it begins to snow, the amount of snow is generally small, frozen at night and thawed at day. The customs of Xiaoxue solar term include pickled vegetables, tasting Ciba, drying dried fish, eating planed soup, brewing Xiaoxue wine, etc. Light snow pickles are mainly northern pickled potherb mustard and pickled pickled cabbage. In some places in the south, there is the custom of eating Ciba before and after light snow. With the development of today, there is little such custom.

the food suitable for the light snow solar term

1. Winter bamboo shoots

can eat winter bamboo shoots. Winter bamboo shoots have the characteristics of low fat content, low sugar and multi fiber. Regular eating can promote intestinal peristalsis, eliminate accumulated food and reduce the absorption and accumulation of fat in the gastrointestinal tract. Winter bamboo shoots can not only be cooked with meat, poultry, seafood and other meat materials, but also be fried with edible fungi and green leafy vegetables. They can also be cooked separately.

2. Winter mushroom

Lentinus edodes, also known as winter mushrooms, are edible fungi that people often eat in winter. Lentinus edodes are low in calories and high in protein and vitamins. They can provide a variety of vitamins needed by the human body and promote the absorption of calcium in the body. Regular consumption of Lentinus edodes also has a good effect on enhancing immunity and preventing colds. Of course, you can't eat too much.

the ancient poem

in the light snow solar term 1.

in the light snow day with doctor Xiao

Tang Xu Xuan

enlisted the West mansion to make tea in a new stove.


hedgerows cover the water as low as possible, and Sai Hong flies to Lianxia far away.


pass in the lonely light snow, with mottled light frost on the temples.


are the helplessness of fleeting years. Don't bless Canghua with poems.

, "early cold",

Southern Song Dynasty · Lu You

after long rain and double ninth day, before cold and light snow. Pick up a salary, a bun servant, sell vegetables and dig a boat.

thin rice family porridge, empty bed, so material felt. The body still has to pay, and the name needs to be passed on?

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