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What are the unique manifestations of animals in the light snow solar term? Can wheat be planted in the light snow solar term

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whether people or animals should pay attention to the weather impact brought by the arrival of a solar term. What kind of special performance will animals have when the light snow solar term comes? This will help us better identify the species of animals, and can people still plant wheat when the light snow solar term comes?

动物在小雪节气有哪些独特表现 小雪节气还可以种麦吗

animal activities in the light snow solar term

in the light snow solar term, because it is winter, many small animals have begun to hibernate. Can some small animals

grow wheat in the light snow solar term?

the agricultural proverb spread among the people in China says that light snow is not divided into shares, The saying "heavy snow does not dig out" means the planting time of wheat. "Light snow" and "heavy snow" refer to the solar term. When wheat is sown after the light snow solar term, wheat cannot tiller normally, "no stock" means no tillering. When wheat is sown again in the heavy snow solar term, wheat cannot germinate and emerge, "no digging out" "It means that the soil cannot be broken. Even if the wheat sown after light snow or heavy snow can emerge, there are more weak seedlings, which is not conducive to subsequent growth and affects the final yield. Therefore, wheat can not be planted after light snow."


"how to keep warm in light snow solar term"


"1. Drink hot water"


"to keep warm in light snow solar term In winter, China's climate is relatively dry, so people's skin and heart will be unusually dry. Therefore, drinking water is particularly important, even more important than summer. However, it should be noted that drinking water should be as hot as possible. If it is not necessary, you must drink less or no cold water, especially women, otherwise it is easy to cause deficiency of cold in the spleen and stomach.

2. The emphasis on keeping warm and keeping warm in the light snow solar term


" People with insufficient kidney qi usually feel cold hands and feet at this time, which is caused by insufficient kidney qi. Therefore, during this time period, they can pay attention to tonifying kidney qi. They can eat more black food, such as black beans, black sesame, medlar, mutton, etc. they can also soak their feet before going to bed every night. When soaking their feet, they can put some pepper or ginger, which can effectively Keep warm and warm, and soaking your feet in this way is also very good for health preservation. It can also get rid of the cold in your body.

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