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What does light snow mean in the 24 solar terms? It is taboo in light snow season

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The arrival of 24 solar terms of

also means that it corresponds to 24 different weather changes. So what is the meaning reflected by the arrival of light snow, one of the 24 solar terms? Can we find the description of some ancient poems and verses about Xiaoxue solar term from the historical inheritance? This can also help us better understand this solar term.

小雪节气 无字

the meaning of 24 solar terms light snow

light snow solar term is the 20th solar term. On November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar, the sun reaches 240 ° of the Yellow meridian. Light snow indicates the starting time and degree of snow. Like rain, grain rain and other solar terms, it is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation. In ancient China, light snow was divided into three periods: "first, the rainbow is hidden; second, the weather rises and the earth's atmosphere drops; third, the earth is blocked into winter." entering this solar term, the northwest wind in vast areas of China began to become a regular visitor, and the temperature dropped gradually below 0 ℃, but the earth is not too cold. Although it began to snow, the amount of snow was small, so it was called light snow. At this time, Yin Qi drops and Yang Qi rises, resulting in the impassability of heaven and earth, the non intersection of yin and Yang, the loss of vitality of all things, and the occlusion of heaven and earth into severe winter. The first snow will appear in the area north of the Yellow River, which reminds people that it is time to keep warm from the cold, otherwise it is easy to be infected with diseases.


describe Xiaoxue's Poems


1. "Winter" and


in the Southern Song Dynasty. Lu You's hometown


is old and decadent. When you open the door, there are no guests. There is a monk's biography.


suddenly the body is like a dream, and the distant day is like a year. I will take a light snow and go to Shanxi boat at night.


song · Shi Shanzhen

20 ancient poems about describing Xiaoxue, appreciate 20 ancient poems about describing Xiaoxue, appreciate

the cloud is dark, the graupel point is small, and smell the window leaf of Su Su. Most worried about North and South dogs barking, and fear that the north wind will fly back.


dream brocade can be cut well, and the sideburns can be woven into cold clothes. It's hard to sleep with the stove, and it's hard to support. Call the plum blossom to help out.

the taboo of the light snow solar term

in winter, the weather is dry, the most taboo is to eat hot and dry food, and it is cold in winter. People like to eat warm food to resist the severe cold. For example, northern China likes to eat mutton in winter and southern China likes to eat turtle in winter. They all belong to warm and tonic food. However, not all hot foods are suitable for eating in the light snow season. Eating too many dry and hot things is easy to get angry, and even produce hot diseases, causing damage to the body.

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