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The meaning of light snow in the 24 solar terms what will the weather be like after the sun rises

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The arrival of

light snow solar term has a sequential existence in the twenty-four solar terms, but the meaning contained in it should be understood, especially when the light snow solar term comes. If there is a big sun on this day, what degree will the weather change develop in the future? This problem should be considered.

二十四节气中小雪的含义 小雪节气出大太阳以后天气会怎样

the meaning of

the 24 solar terms of

in China. The light snow solar term is a season reflecting weather phenomena. The snow is small and there is no snow on the ground, which is the original meaning of the solar term "light snow". The ancient book "Qunfang spectrum" says: "light snow is cold and will snow. The ground is not even cold and the snow is not big." that is to say, in the "light snow" festival, due to the cold weather, the form of precipitation changes from rain to snow, but at this time, due to the "ground is not very cold", the snow falls less frequently and the amount of snow is not large, so it is called light snow. Therefore, light snow indicates the starting time and degree of snow. Light snow, like rain, grain rain and other solar terms, is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation. After light snow, the precipitation will increase.

what happens on a sunny day in the light snow solar term

there is an old saying that small snow sees sunny days, and there is snow to the edge of the year: This is also a strong regional saying. It says that if there is a fine weather with a clear sky of ten thousand miles on the day of the light snow solar term, there will be more rain and snow in the whole winter, especially in the north, The snowy weather will spread to the end of the year and will continue to snow until the new year. Although it is highly exaggerated, it also shows that the snowfall weather in this winter will increase significantly, so it will be colder in winter if it is light snow and sunny.

the agricultural proverb of the light snow solar term

1. The wheat is late at the beginning of winter, and light snow accumulates fertilizer.

2. Light snow collects onions, and if not, it will be empty. Radish and cabbage, in the cellar. Winter irrigation of wheat, moisture conservation and antifreeze. Afforestation and collection of tree species. Transform waterlogged depressions and control water and mountains. Water conservancy facilities, canal repair and well drilling.

3. Catch water in hot days, hit deep pools in cold days, blow wind feet, snow hit water, clear water hit night, muddy water hit day.

4. There is heavy snow on the light snow festival, and there is no snow on the heavy snow festival.

5. Auspicious snow indicates a good year, and frost shows a sunny day.

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