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What's the matter with the light snow solar term? What should I eat for health preservation

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No matter what kind of situation

is, as long as it involves the change of weather, we should understand it, because the change of weather will affect the result of anything we do. So when the light snow solar term comes, what kind of food is the best for people to eat if they want to keep fit?

小雪节气有什么事情 小雪节气养生应该吃什么

what's the matter with the light snow solar term

first, the cured meat should be pickled during the light snow solar term: after the light snow, the temperature drops sharply and the weather becomes dry, which is a good time to process the cured meat. Therefore, there is a folk custom of "curing in winter and preserving in order to resist the winter". The surplus meat is stored in traditional methods and enjoyed until the Spring Festival. 2、 Store vegetables: as the saying goes, "shovel cabbage with light snow and spinach with heavy snow". At this time, the cabbage in the field should be harvested. People in the north will pickle cabbage into pickled cabbage and spicy cabbage, which will become another delicious dish on the table in winter. 3、 Tasting Ciba: in some places in the south, there is the custom of eating Ciba in October of the lunar calendar. Ciba is a popular food in some areas of southern China. It was used as a festival sacrifice in ancient times, but now it is a popular food.

health food

1. Beef: warm the stomach


can eat more beef, because beef has high protein and amino acid composition, which is closer to human needs than pork, which can improve the disease resistance of the body and is beneficial to growth, development and after operation People who are ill after remission are especially suitable for supplementing blood loss and repairing tissue. Eating beef in cold winter can warm the stomach. It is a good tonic for cold winter.

2. White radish: benefiting the lung

radish contains more water, vitamin C, a certain amount of calcium. According to traditional Chinese medicine, radish is cool and sweet. It can enter the lung and stomach channels, eliminate stagnation, dissipate phlegm heat, lower Qi and penetrate the middle, detoxify, and be used for symptoms such as fullness of food and adverse urination. It can be seen that radish has a great effect on regulating the spleen and stomach. Therefore, it is said that "radish competes with ginseng in winter". It also plays an auxiliary role in the treatment of common diseases in winter, such as dyspepsia, wind heat cold, tonsillitis, cough and asthma, phlegm, sore throat and so on, which is very helpful to our health.

the blessing words of the light snow solar term

1. The light snow solar term sends you beautiful snowflakes. May your career be full of "flowers", add "flowers" to the future brocade, have a bright mood like "flowers", cluster "flowers" in the life brocade, good luck step Lotus "flowers", and love fire tree silver "flowers"!

2. Little snow song: after the beginning of winter, the little snow rose, and my brother was flustered; Don't be busy in cold weather. Mm hasn't added clothes yet; When the snow is deep, there is no place to hide. It's better to hide in my heart and hug my sister for the winter!

3. Here comes Xiaoxue. I have several important tasks for you. First, eat well, second, sleep well, third, play well, and fourth, keep in a good mood. In addition, the weather is getting colder and colder. Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth. I don't tell ordinary people, hehe!

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