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The light snow in the winter solstice means that the weather is getting colder

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in people's life, as long as snow is mentioned, it means that the weather may become cold, but what kind of weather change does the light snow in the winter solstice mean? When the light snow solar term comes, does it mean that the weather will become colder and colder, and people need to be prepared for the cold?

冬至节气的小雪 小雪节气意味着天气渐渐变冷

winter solstice custom

1, "painting nine" custom

the custom of "painting nine" appeared in the folk of ancient Ming Dynasty. The so-called painting is actually a diagram for calculating the warm date of spring after the winter solstice. According to a brief view of the imperial capital in the Ming Dynasty, "on the winter solstice, a plain plum is painted with one of 80 petals. One petal is dyed on the day, and the petals come out in September, then the spring is deep, which is called the picture of eliminating the cold in September". There are three schemes of "99 cold elimination map", namely text, circle and plum blossom.

2. Eating Tangyuan

eating Tangyuan is a traditional custom in the winter solstice, especially in Jiangnan. "Tangyuan" is a necessary food for the winter solstice. "Yuan" means "Reunion" and "perfection". Eating Tangyuan at the winter solstice is also called "winter solstice circle". There is a folk saying that eating Tangyuan is one year older. Of course, it is also based on the local customs and culture. Does


light snow solar term mean that the weather becomes cold? When


reach the light snow solar term, the solar yellow meridian reaches 240 °, and from this time on, the precipitation in most parts of China will gradually decrease. Due to the impact of La Nina ocean event in winter this year, the temperature in winter is expected to be lower than in previous years. At this stage, the daytime temperature in southern China is still relatively good, basically maintained at 20-24 ℃, and at night, the temperature also drops to about 15 ℃. With the passage of time, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. The daytime time gradually decreases, and people's various labor activities should be arranged and completed in advance. Moreover, the light snow solar term is only a harbinger of cooling, and it has not yet reached the coldest season of the year.

the blessing of the winter solstice solar term

1. The winter solstice brings you sunshine and warms your arms; The north wind blows away sorrow and trouble to calm your anxiety; Snowflakes, good luck and laughter, whiten your mood. The winter solstice is approaching and spring is approaching. May good things come true, happy and sweet smile!

2. The winter solstice is refreshing and cool, and the red plum is Aoxue fragrant. Warm days are short and cold nights are long. Know the fragrance of tea, healthy and suitable for winter storage. The cotton cap is windproof, and the gloves are free from frostbite. The curtain covers the withered and yellow, and the thick dream lasts for a long time. Warm vegetable soup in casserole can moisten the stomach and intestines. The flower of love is fragrant. I wish you health at the winter solstice!

3. On the winter solstice, please eat a plate of "perfect" dumplings: a sincerity, a trace of affection, some good luck, a little relaxed, a smile, a warm family, a pile of sweetness, a beauty, a warm life and a happy life. May you be perfect and round all your life!

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