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Can Xiaoxue have her hair cut in the twenty-four solar terms

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The activity of

hairdressing is very common in our life, but it involves the influence of some customs and culture. At some time points, the activity of hairdressing is not supported. Then, when the 24 solar terms and light snow arrive, will there be a lack of hairdressing in the inheritance of folk customs and culture?


can you have a haircut during the light snow solar term? The

can have a haircut during the light snow solar term, because there is no emphasis on haircut during the light snow solar term. According to the old yellow calendar, there is no haircut in the taboos of light snow on this day, so the light snow solar term is suitable for haircut.

common sense of light snow solar term

1. Cold prevention and warmth preservation should be done well. After the

light snow solar term, the northeast wind blows much more. Although the climate is cold and it is not winter, many people don't pay much attention to wearing hats and scarves, which is often prone to wind cold. Therefore, we must wear hats and pay attention to cold prevention.

2. Go to bed early and get up late. Soak your feet before going to bed.

light snow solar terms should enhance your physique, improve your immunity and cold resistance. First of all, to ensure adequate sleep. In winter, you should go to bed early and get up late. You'd better rest no later than 22 o'clock. If you don't rest at more than 1 o'clock, people's immunity is easy to decline. In addition, the temperature drops significantly after the light snow solar term. It's easier to get sick if you rest too late, so you must pay attention to your work and rest time.

health food in the light snow solar term

1. In winter, that is, in the light snow season, it is suitable to eat some warm and tonic food, such as mutton stewed mushroom / beef stewed tomato / steamed bass / Stewed black chicken, etc. The warm tonic and cold proof are very good.

2. It is very important to protect the kidney after the light snow solar term. You can eat more mulberry and black beans. It is especially good for supplementing protein, vitamins, trace elements, calcium and iron required by the body and alleviating atherosclerosis.

3. It is suitable to eat foods that reduce fire and clear lung, such as steamed pear and raw radish. Steamed pear with rock sugar and cold white radish are very good for clearing lung and reducing fire, which can well eliminate the fire caused by dry weather in winter.

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