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Is the winter solstice the same as the beginning of winter

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when it comes to winter, we are all covered with snow. In fact, cold seasons are also divided into stages. In the traditional calendar, the ancients divided them into beginning of winter, light snow, heavy snow, winter solstice, light cold, heavy cold, etc. there are different climatic phenomena in each period of time. Here is an example to briefly analyze the differences.

冬至和立冬一样吗 立冬过后是什么节气

is the winter solstice the same as the beginning of winter? The


are different. First of all, the beginning of winter will come before the winter solstice, which is the first solar term in winter. It is usually on November 7 or 8 every year. At this time, although the temperature in the country generally drops, it is not the coldest time, There will also be a little spring in the south, which makes you feel more comfortable. The common customs are tonic, mutton soup, sugarcane and so on. In the winter solstice, the weather is very cold. The date is before and after December 21 every year. At this time, the sun shines on the southernmost end of the earth, that is, the Tropic of cancer. The night is the longest and the day is the shortest. The main custom is to eat dumplings and start "counting nine" later.

what is the solar term after the beginning of winter

is light snow, which belongs to the second season of winter. The time is about November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The ancient book Qunfang spectrum says: "the light snow is cold and the snow is gone, and the ground is not even cold. It means that the rain condenses into snow, but the scale is small and has not reached the standard of heavy snow. The ground looks very wet and cold, which is colder than that at the beginning of winter. Common foods include Ciba, which can supplement heat and drive away the cold. In some areas, new year pigs have been killed and are ready to be made into sausages and bacon for storage for the new year.

what are the agricultural proverbs about winter? ① it's snowing this winter and eating white flour next year.

② there is much snow and ice in the north wind at the beginning of winter, and there is no rain and snow in the south wind at the beginning of winter.

③ plough in the morning, stop in the afternoon, and plough around noon.

④ thunder at the beginning of winter is against spring.

⑤ thunder hits winter, ten bullpens and nine empty.

⑥ it rains in the winter solstice, and frost appears in the light cold.

⑦ winter solstice south wind and 100 day overcast.

⑧ ploughing in the winter solstice, one plough is better than one gold. Plough gold before the winter solstice and iron after the winter solstice.

⑨ thunder rumbles in the beginning of winter and rain drizzles in the beginning of spring.

⑩ if you don't protect the trees in winter, you can't protect them.

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