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What's the weather like at the beginning of winter? What can't I eat at the beginning of winter

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the solar term we often say is not as simple as wind and rain. In previous times, people treated it with a very cautious attitude, or spent it as a festival. Coupled with the long time evolution, many new customs have been added. Today we are still celebrating in these ways. Here is a simple example.

立冬天气怎么样 立冬不能吃什么

what's the weather like at the beginning of winter

due to China's vast territory, many places show different climatic characteristics. Overall, the climate changes from autumn to winter. In the south, there are many rains, storms, sufficient light and high humidity. In November, the temperature is still about 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, showing a little sunny spring. In the north, the temperature continues to drop, even below zero, and it begins to snow, but the precipitation will decrease significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent land drought, water shortage and low-temperature frozen soil.


can't eat anything


although people are encouraged to take tonics at the beginning of winter, there are also a lot of attention, because food still has a great impact on people:


① avoid eating crazy dog meat. Some areas will eat dog meat to drive away the cold, but crazy dog meat can't be eaten to avoid infection with virus.


② avoid tofu and scallion: eating them together is easy to cause the loss of calcium and the harm of stones.

③ carrots and wine are not eaten together, which is easy to cause damage to the liver.

④ shrimps and persimmons cannot be eaten at the same time, otherwise they will have diarrhea and cause gastrointestinal diseases.

⑤ beef and chestnuts cannot be cooked together. If they are eaten seriously, they will produce vomiting and diarrhea.

⑥ spinach and sauerkraut are forbidden to eat together, because eating fast rotting spinach can lead to nitrite poisoning. What are the customs of


① welcome winter: people in some areas will hold banquets or worship their ancestors at home to welcome the arrival of winter through ceremonies.

② swimming: especially in the north, residents like to organize winter swimming. The colder the weather, the more they like to go into the water to prove their courage to overcome winter.

③ tonic: on the beginning of winter, people will go to the mutton restaurant to drink a bowl of hot mutton soup to resist the severe cold, or make some warm and tonic food at home, such as chicken, duck, beef hotpot, etc. the ingredients are very rich. The most common is making dumplings, which can appetize and supplement nutrition.

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