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What about Lidong today

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winter is a relatively leisurely season for farmers, because the crops have been harvested. People have also become reclusive, rarely come out in the house and drink hot milk tea. Because the temperature has dropped sharply, I hope the warm spring will come soon. Let's talk about the relevant solar terms in winter and see what dietary characteristics there are.

关于立冬的内容 今天立冬吃什么

about the beginning of winter

refers to the season to bid farewell to autumn and welcome winter. Usually before and after November 7 every year, when the sun reaches 225 ° of the Yellow meridian, the night continues to lengthen and the day gradually shortens. Therefore, people generally return home early and appear silent. The beginning of winter is also a day for all things to collect. Everything harvested before should be stored. Animals go into hibernation and farmland begins to rest. At this time, the climate changes from dry autumn to rainy and cold winter. As the saying goes: "the beginning of winter is sunny, a winter is sunny; the beginning of winter rain is a winter rain". Therefore, people hope that it will rain on the beginning of winter, and then there will be enough water for irrigation.

what food is suitable for

① dumplings: they are the most typical food in festivals, especially in Beijing and Tianjin. People love to eat them. They will get up early and wrap a big pot with a variety of fillings, such as cabbage, pork, leek and egg, mushroom and corn, etc.

② meat: it is usually mild and rich in protein, such as chicken, duck, fish, mutton and beef. It is usually fried or made into hot pot.

③ sugarcane: in Chaoshan area, people like to eat sugarcane. It is said that it can nourish and protect teeth.

④ green onions: the weather in Nanjing is wet and cold, so everyone used to eat this food in order to get rid of the cold in winter. What are the health care skills of

① keeping enough sleep is the key. In winter, the day is short and the night is long. People often don't remember because of the cold. At this time, they should go to bed early and get up late. Don't stay up late, so they can be full of energy during the day.

② it is very important to regulate emotions. It is inevitable that everything will be sad when it withers at the beginning of winter. It is best to eat food with a stable mood, or carry out leisure entertainment, such as aerobics, chess, calligraphy and painting, so as to cultivate sentiment and exercise.

③ don't eat too much high calorie food. It's best to cooperate with fresh vegetables and fruits in order to supplement nutrition scientifically.

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