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What is the date of this year's three or nine days? It starts on January 8, 2022

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every year, every weather change has the influence of different time points, so what kind of situation does it mean when three or nine days come? At the same time, we also need to know the specific time of the arrival of three or nine days, and whether there are some easy to understand proverbs among the people at the time of three or nine days?

今年三九天是几号 三九天谚语

three or nine days in 2022 the specific time of

three or nine days in 2022 is the first day of

on January 8, 2022 the second day of

on January 9, 2022 the third day of

on January 10, 2022 the fourth day of

on January 11, 2022 Day 5 January 12, 2022

day 6 January 13, 2022

day 7 January 14, 2022

day 8 January 15, 2022

day 9 January 16, 2022;

2. No snow on March 9 and April 9, and drought on May 9 and June 9.

3. Cold in Sanjiu, hot in the middle;

4. "Counting Nine Songs": 1929, no action, 3949, walking on the ice, 5969, looking at the willows along the river, 79 the ice opened, 89 the geese returned, 99 plus 19, and farm cattle walked everywhere.

blessing words for 39 days -

1. Snowflakes float and bless the arrival of 39 days. Keeping warm and warm is the most important, adding clothes and covers to prevent colds. Go out and get your shoes and hat ready. Be careful not to fall when you walk. Diet must be hot, cold food into the stomach can't eat. My greetings have been sent. May you be healthy and free from trouble! Have a nice winter!

2. Pick a snowflake, melt it into my thoughts and float it into your sight; Take a wisp of breeze, rub it into my concern and row it to your sky; Write a text message full of my reminders and stuff it into your heart: it's cold, pay attention to cold prevention!

3. Heavy snow has no lover and is really accompanied by thousands of miles. I think it's OK to send a message. Today's message reminds me: can you wear thicker? Pig's feet should not be cold. It is the most precious friendship. I wish you a warm spring in 39 days!

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