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When is the 39th day SMS

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in today's society, the network and technology are more and more developed. People can contact their relatives and friends thousands of miles away through a smart phone, and sending text messages is also a common thing. Then, when the third or ninth day comes, what kind of text messages are most appropriate if they want to send blessings to their relatives and friends?

三九天是什么时候 三九天短信

three or nine days in 2022

three or nine days in 2022

the first day of

from January 8 to January 16, 2022

the second day of

on January 9, 2022

the third day of

on January 10, 2022

the fourth day of

on January 11, 2022 Day 5 January 12, 2022

day 6 January 13, 2022

day 7 January 14, 2022

day 8 January 15, 2022

day 9 January 16, 2022

is generally the coldest time of the year.

three or nine days of blessing SMS

5. Do you keep your eyelids jumping? I was thinking of you! Have you been sneezing? I'm thinking of you! Friend, how are you in the cold winter again? Please accept my deep blessing. May you have a happy winter!

6. The snowflakes falling in the three or nine days covered the mountains and farmland like a thick quilt. Protecting the thirsty seedlings has brought happiness and auspiciousness to the farmers, and the next year will be another bumper harvest. I wish you three or nine days to recharge your energy and work hard in the coming year!

7. The snow is fluttering and worrying, and the north wind is talking about missing. The cold day is not the heart, and the warm is the feeling, not the body. Seasons change, no matter how cold it is, may happiness warm you; No matter how far away life is, I wish you warm in three or nine days.

an ancient poem describing three or nine days

the vast sea is dry and ice, and the clouds are gloomy and frozen for thousands of miles--


in Cen Shen's "white snow song sends judge Wu back to Beijing" one after another. In the evening, the snow falls on the gate, and the wind pulls the red flag, which cannot be turned over--


in Cen Shen's "white snow song sends judge Wu back to Beijing" at dusk, Cangshan is far away, the sky is cold and the White House is poor--


in the master of Furong mountain by Liu Changqing "the dark snow mountain in Changyun, Qinghai, looks at Yumen pass from a lonely city--


in Wang Changling's "seven songs from the army · four" the wind and snow break the dream of the countryside-- The everlasting longing for each other,


, did not see the sea of Mt. Khan, and the Yellow plains were in the sky. CEN Shen's

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