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Three or nine days schedule in 2021 three or nine days to eat popsicles

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comes in 2021, the impact of every weather change is very important. Then, when the three or nine days come, what kind of schedule can we judge and choose? Especially after three or nine days, will there be some allegorical sayings that are very suitable for us to understand?

2021年三九天时间表 三九天吃冰棍歇后语

the three or nine day schedule in 2021

the three or nine day schedule in 2021 is

19: December 21-december 29, 2021

29: December 30, 2021-january 7, 2022

39: January 8-january 16, 2022


in the second half of the sentence,


are two different sayings, namely,


eating popsicles in three or nine days -- cold hearted


eating popsicles in three or nine days -- cold and warm. I know


how to keep fit in three or nine days.


in three or nine days, we should emphasize the potential vitality In the winter when all things are closed, we should nourish our energy and store our Yang Qi. The specific method is to "go to bed early and get up late" to ensure adequate sleep, and pay attention to the warmth of the body to avoid the leakage of Yang Qi. Therefore, remind the old friends who are used to getting up early and going out for exercise. In the middle of winter, they should wait for the sun and do a good job in thermal protection before going out, so as to avoid cold due to excessive indoor and outdoor temperature difference, or accidents such as hypertension, stroke and coronary heart disease. The weather is cold, many people are reluctant to open doors and windows, and now more and more air conditioners are installed in families. In air-conditioned rooms, they are often closed for a long time, and the air circulation is poor. At the same time, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, which may also easily cause the infection of respiratory diseases, including influenza. Therefore, it is necessary to open windows regularly for ventilation to maintain indoor air circulation and reduce the breeding of bacteria. Due to the extremely low temperature in the morning, we should pay attention to going to bed early and getting up late in life to avoid wind cold. For people who are easy to catch a cold, you can use three scallion, 200g garlic and decoct in water to prevent the occurrence of a cold. Or try soaking your feet in hot water for 15 minutes before going to bed at night to improve your physique and prevent colds. In winter, for women with cold hands and feet and easy to be afraid of cold, experts suggest that they can eat more warm foods such as mutton, beef, garlic, longan and chestnuts, as well as blood nourishing foods such as medlar and red jujube, which also has a good warming and tonifying effect on the body.

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