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When is this year's three or nine days? How to keep fit

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no matter what kind of people, how to keep their body in a healthy state is the most important thing in life. Especially when it comes to changes in the weather, we must pay attention to whether we can better keep in good health. So how should we keep in good health when the third or ninth day of this year comes?

今年三九天是什么时候 三九天怎么养生

three or nine days in 2022

in this year's three or nine days will be 2022, from January 8 to January 16, which is also the coldest time of the year.

how to keep healthy for 39 days

1. For 39 days, we bubble our feet with hot water before going to bed, which can not only drive away the fatigue at work, but also promote sleep and ensure enough rest. 2. Pay attention to protect your back in dress, so it is appropriate to wear clothes with moderate warmth. 3. In cold days, we should develop the habit of rubbing hands. First, it has a health care effect on the brain; second, it promotes hand blood circulation and prevents chilblain; third, it promotes metabolism and prevents colds. 4. In winter, you can eat more yams and black food. Soup is also a good choice. You can add Angelica sinensis and Codonopsis pilosula or red dates and medlar. Recommended health Recipes: Angelica beef soup, yam mutton soup, medlar red dates chicken soup, yam fungus, etc. A detoxification tea is especially recommended, that is, wormwood red jujube tea. It is better and more suitable to boil it in a teapot.

precautions for three or nine days

1. Pay attention to back maintenance

from the perspective of Chinese traditional medicine, the back is the main part of the solar Bladder Meridian in the human meridian. The foot Taiyang bladder meridian has the function of defending against invasion. Once people suffer from cold, they will damage Yang Qi, and there will be recurrence and aggravation of upper respiratory tract infection or old diseases. Warming the back is particularly important for the elderly, children and people with gastric and duodenal ulcers and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. These people had better wear a close fitting cotton vest after the beginning of winter.

2. Pay attention to foot warmth

"cold starts from the foot". The foot is the farthest end of the human body, with thin fat and poor heat preservation ability. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that plantar acupoints are closely related to human internal organs. If the foot catches a cold, it can cause colds, abdominal pain, low back and leg pain, dysmenorrhea and other diseases. First, wear good shoes to keep feet warm and prevent them from being too tight, too loose and too thin. Cotton socks are the best socks. Second, move your feet more at ordinary times to promote local blood circulation. Third, soak your feet in warm water every night before going to bed. The water temperature should be 50 ℃ - 60 ℃, which can dispel the cold of the body.

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