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Three nine day schedule in 2021 three nine day allusions

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Every time choice of

is a very important situation for people's life. Especially some time will also cause changes in the weather. For example, when 2021 comes, we must understand the specific time of three or nine days. In addition, we must also have a certain understanding of the allusions of three or nine days, Is the most appropriate.

2021年三九天时间表 三九天典故

the three or nine day schedule in 2021

the three or nine day period in 2021 is from January 8 to January 16, 2022, and the four or nine day period is from January 17 to January 25, 2022. This is also the coldest time of the year, and after this time, China's Spring Festival is coming soon.

the allusion about three or nine days

starts from the date of the monkey's Union on the winter solstice, and lasts from 19 to 99 every nine days. The 19th to 27th days after the winter solstice are 39 days, which is the coldest time of the year. Lao She's "four generations together" 29: "her south house is the wettest and coldest in the whole hospital; on the 39th day, bottles with water can be frozen and fried at night." Yang Shuo's random pit: "It's rare to have some cotton wadding on thirty-nine days, just wearing lime bags and broken sacks. If you count nine, it's spring."


"the blessing words of thirty-nine days"


" "1. Lucky snowflakes kiss you, good luck is boundless; happy snowflakes make you happy; beautiful snowflakes nourish you, and happiness is infinite; friends from afar greet you, and your heart is warm. May you be safe, healthy and happy every day for nine days!"


"2. When the thirty-nine days come, bless you, keep warm and prevent colds, and drive away the cold of winter with my care.

3. The falling snowflakes are dancing in a charming manner. For fear that others will not see the ups and downs, you are telling people that it is cold and cold to wear cotton to keep warm. Don't go out and play chess and cards on the hot Kang. May you have a safe and auspicious family!


"4. In the blink of an eye, it will start in nine days. I decided not to wait any longer. It will snow heavily in March and September. Then the weather will be cold and the road will be worse, so I'll say it straight: take advantage of the recent good weather, please invite me to dinner!"


“ 5. Although the letter is short, the affection is not shallow, although the snow is heavy, the heart is not cold; with my blessing, you will be happy; with my wish, you will fulfill your wish. In the thirty-nine days, I wish you a happy life and a grand career!

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