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What month is thirty-nine days? January of the Gregorian calendar every year

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During the development of

every year and every time, the impact and changes are in different states, especially involving some time choices in our life, such as the specific time of the arrival of 39 days, which is a very important thing. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the time of 39 days, What food is the most suitable.

三九天是几月份 三九天吃啥

three or nine days are the three or nine days of

in what month, which refers to the third cold day from the date of the winter solstice, which is the coldest period of the year. The time of the winter solstice is from December 21 to 23 of the Gregorian calendar, so the three or nine days are generally in January.

what is suitable for three or nine days

after three or nine days, the weather is very cold, so it is appropriate to eat often: grain, fruit and vegetable food, and pay attention to reasonable collocation. 1. Appropriate consumption of high calcium foods, such as milk, eggs, beef and other foods. 2. The diet is light. It is not suitable to eat thick, greasy and salty food. Pay attention to "three more and three less", that is, more protein, vitamins and cellulose, and less sugar, fat and salt. 3. Daily taste should be warm, cooked and soft. In winter, Yang Qi declines day by day, and the spleen likes temperature and hates cold. Therefore, it is appropriate to eat warm and hot products to protect the spleen and stomach and protect the organs of the body.

three or nine days of suitable exercise

1. Squatting is more effective than sit ups.

it's very cold in winter, so most people don't like to move in winter, but some people choose to do a few sit ups before going to bed every day and want to use these exercises to restrain their fat abdomen in winter, but this is often counterproductive and not effective, On the contrary, it has affected their sports enthusiasm. If you do sit ups less than 150 times a time, you can't lose weight. Although sit ups are very tiring, they don't consume a lot of calories. It's better to do squats, push ups and other actions that consume more energy, and they don't consume more calories than running. Therefore, sit ups are not an ideal weight loss exercise.

2. Climbing the building for 10 minutes consumes 200 calories.

when outdoor exercise is not very convenient in winter, indoor conditions can be used. For example, do not take the elevator when going upstairs. Climbing the building consumes a lot of energy. Climbing the building for ten minutes a day can consume nearly 200 kcal of energy. During the time of watching TV every day, get up and exercise for 20 minutes. Half squatting, side kicking, in-situ running, left and right stepping are good sports. As long as it moves, it will have an effect. In the three or nine cold days, people's immunity drops and they are easy to get sick. Therefore, another focus of the winter fitness plan is to prevent diseases through effective exercise. However, unscheduled and irregular exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also get sick due to physical discomfort, causing damage to our body.

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