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2021 borrow an inch in three or nine days

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In the life of

in 2021, every weather change should be considered in time. What kind of result will the final impact bring, because it will play a certain role in our future life. What kind of words are there for people to understand when the three or nine days come?

2021三九天 借一寸三九天里

three or nine days in 2021

in 2021, the three or nine days is from January 8 to January 16, 2022.

borrow the meaning of

in an inch of three or nine days. This sentence comes from Mao's new song, borrow an inch of three or nine days of cold and warm sun, and melt the harsh and cool world. Mao Buyi once said that if you describe yourself, it should be a warm winter sun. The warm sunshine always gives people hope. No wonder he would say that this song "borrow" is written for people who are not recognized. Nine out of ten things are better than life. I hope that when I am frustrated, there is still a warm sun shining on me, so I won't feel so biting cold.

the phenomenon of three or nine days

there is a folk saying that "heat is three volts, cold is three or nine days". It is said that the coldest time of the year is from "three or nine days" to "four or nine days". Count nine cold days, that is, every nine days from the winter solstice Union Day (Ganzhi Ji day), until 81 days of "99", when the cold is exhausted and the weather is warm. There is also the saying that "in September and nineteen, farm cattle walk everywhere". After "September 9", it is "warm in late spring", and the spring ploughing season is coming. Due to China's vast territory, the climate varies widely, not all over the country. The winter solstice festival is held from December 21 to 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. According to the date when the winter solstice meets the union, 81 days of "99" are pushed, that is, in the late March of the Gregorian calendar (before and after the spring equinox), the "nine peach blossoms bloom" and "spring is warm in the late spring". Corresponding to this, only some parts of southern China are still cloudy and cold in many parts of China before and after the spring equinox. The method of counting nine cold days has a long history. It is handed down by word of mouth in China. There is history and lack of records. There is no exact data on when it originated. However, it has been popular at least in the northern and Southern Dynasties, and it has a very long history

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