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Is Laba three or nine days? It's three or nine days after the winter solstice

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The understanding of

is different in the process of every weather change every year. When will the three or nine days come every year? Similarly, people also need to know whether the weather will become colder and colder when three or nine days come? Because this will play a certain role in our future life.

腊八是三九天吗 三九天发冷

is Laba three or nine days? The

Laba Festival is also known as Laba among the people, that is, the eighth day of December in the lunar calendar, also known as "magic weapon Festival", "Buddha becoming a Taoist festival" and "becoming a Taoist Association" "Etc. originally, it was a Buddhist festival to commemorate Sakyamuni's achievement of the Tao, and later it gradually became a folk festival. Laba Festival is not in 3949 days. Every year, 3949 days are around December 20."


"is it cold in 399 days?"


" According to the temperature in the past few years, Sanjiu is the period with the lowest temperature in the whole year. Sanjiu day refers to the third cold day from the winter solstice, which is the coldest period of the year. As the saying goes, "if you don't do it in 1929, walk on the ice in 3949 "Indeed, in most years, March 9th is colder than April 9th in China. According to the data over the years, the weather in northern China is the coldest during March 9th in most years, and the minimum temperature during this period is lower than that during April 9th. Therefore, according to previous experience and temperature display, March 9th is the lowest temperature period in the whole year, but after all, China has a vast territory, and the specific temperature needs to be determined according to the actual situation It depends on the international situation. After all, the difference between the north and the south of China is too great, but generally it is right.

the folk song of 39 days

doesn't go out in 1929,

3949 walk on the ice,

599 and 699, look at the willows along the river,

79 the river freezes and the swallows come in 1989,


add nine to nine, and farm cattle walk everywhere. ""


"due to the different cold and warm climate in different places, there are some differences in Jiujiu songs in different places, such as:"


"do not do anything in 1929; three"


"go along with Ling in 949;"


"break up in 5950; and"


" "Six or nine heads in spring, take off your coat and change for a cow;"


"7963, pedestrians should keep their clothes wide;"


"no ploughing in August, but only three or five days;"


"poplar flowers bloom in September, and you won't come in the next nine."

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