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It's cold on March 9, but it's cold on March 9

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in the process of weather change in the three or nine days, whether the weather will change, become colder and colder, or become hotter and hotter is a very important thing, because it involves the whole process of life change in the future. What aspects are the most appropriate to understand the weather change in the three or nine days?

三九天气冷不 三九天大寒

is it cold in March or September

is often said by Chinese people that "no action in 1929, walking on the ice in March or September... This is a nursery rhyme known to all ages and children, which is widely spread in the vast northern regions. Of course, due to the different climate and environment, the versions of "counting Nine Songs" are also different. This nursery rhyme also reflects the characteristics of climate change in winter. Among them, the coldest time in northern areas is between March 9 and April 9. There is also a folk proverb of "hot in the middle, cold in the March 9th", which further confirms the fact that the "March 9th day" is the coldest in a year, so we should pay attention to keeping warm.

the meaning of the severe cold solar term

the last solar term of the twenty-four solar terms in China. The severe cold solar term means that the weather is cold to the extreme. From the beginning of spring to the end of the severe cold, it starts another cycle, so there is no slight cold in the severe cold weather. Only in a few years, the severe cold is colder than the minor cold. On January 20 or 21 every year, when the sun reaches 300 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is called "great cold". After the great cold is the new year. The new year represents entering a new year and ending the past year. The 24 solar terms continue from the beginning of spring. The time of the great cold solar terms is almost three or nine days.

the custom of the great cold solar term

1. During the great cold solar term, there was the custom of eating glutinous rice in the vast areas of southern China. Glutinous rice is a food with very high calories and has excellent cold protection effect.

2. Dust removal: it is a general cleaning. "Every family brushes the wall and sweeps away the ominous" to remove the poor luck. On the contrary, "if there is no dust removal in the twelfth lunar month, the God of plague will be recruited in the coming year".

3. Paste window: paste the window with new paper, "paste the window for good luck". In order to be beautiful, some people will cut some auspicious patterns and paste them on the window, so it is also called "paste window flowers". The previous window flowers were cut by themselves, which are very beautiful.

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