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Benefits of 39 day moxibustion

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is doing anything, we need to find the final result through various ways. What kind of performance is it, so that we can be more confident in our future life. Then why do people go to moxibustion when three or nine days come? What impact will it have on later life?

三九天艾灸的好处 三九天的歇后语

benefits of 39 day Moxibustion

39 day Moxibustion "is winter treatment" 39 day moxibustion "It is a unique treatment technology in, which follows the law of human meridian circulation, acupoint efficacy, the law of 24 solar terms in the calendar and the principle of time therapeutics. According to the physical condition and disease characteristics of human body, it is applied to the acupoints with specific therapeutic effect through traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the purpose of eliminating diseases."


" Treating diseases has obvious therapeutic effect on some deficiency cold diseases, and some can achieve the effect of radical cure. This treatment is time-consuming and has good curative effect, which can be accepted by children and adults. Regulating qi and blood moxibustion can reconcile Qi and blood. Qi is the driving force of human life, blood is the basic nutrient of human beings, with sufficient Qi and blood, smooth operation, and human life activities can be normal. Moxibustion can It can replenish qi and nourish blood, dredge Qi and blood, and reconcile Qi and blood to achieve the purpose of health care.

three or nine days of allegorical sayings

three or nine days of cold and summer watches - - falling day by day,

wearing pants for three or nine days - - shaking up,

wearing trouser skirts for three or nine days - - beautiful and moving; beautiful and frozen

Wear underpants on March 9 - shake up


on March 9 - wear waistcoats on March 9 - cold single; wear short shirts on March 9 in Handan


- can't shake up prestige;


wear single clothes on March 9 - prestige; fear the wind; shake up


eat hot tea on March 9 - precautions for cold and hot


moxibustion on on March 9

1. We should not sweat heavily when doing Sanjiu moxibustion. The more we sweat, the better. We should pay attention to keeping warm during moxibustion.

2. We should pay attention to concentration during moxibustion. Don't distract our attention during moxibustion, so as to avoid moving the moxa stick, not on the acupoints, hurting the skin and flesh and wasting time.

"3. For health care moxibustion, we should adhere to it for a long time. Occasional moxibustion can not achieve the expected effect."


"4. We should pay attention to the accuracy of body position and acupoints: on the one hand, the body position should be suitable for the needs of Moxibustion, at the same time, we should pay attention to the comfortable and natural body position, and find the right parts and acupoints to ensure the effect of moxibustion."


"“ 5. Pay attention to the time of Moxibustion: for some diseases and syndromes, pay attention to the time of moxibustion. For example, for insomnia, moxibustion should be applied before going to bed. Do not apply moxibustion on an empty stomach before meals or immediately after meals, preferably one hour after meals.

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