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How many days will it take? January 8, 2022

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there is a certain time for the change of weather every year. How can we better understand the specific time of three or nine days in a year? And if there are some snowy weather changes in three or nine days, what role will it play in people's next life and destiny development?

多少号进三九天 三九天下雪的作用

the specific time of three or nine days

the three or nine days of each year are about 19 days after the winter solstice. The difference is generally about two days. Because the beginning time of nineteen is the first union day after the winter solstice.

the role of snow in 39 days

there is a folk saying that "when it snows in 39 days, we can't eat all the white steamed buns". This sentence tells us that if there is heavy snow during the "39" solar term, of course, it's better to have a few heavy snow, then the auspicious snow will herald a bumper year, and the coming year will be a bumper year for wheat. Snow falls on March 9: January 8 to January 16, and January 5 is the light cold solar term. The light cold solar term also indicates that the weather is extremely cold. At this time, snow days will be frequent, and there will be heavy snow. Heavy snow is not easy to melt because of the low temperature. Such heavy snow in the wheat field is conducive to the safe overwintering of wheat seedlings, The insect eggs in the soil will also be reduced a lot. After the Vernalization of wheat next year, it will thrive and usher in a bumper harvest year.

how to Moxibustion

we have to make some preparations when it's time to do Sanjiu moxibustion. First go to the traditional Chinese medicine store to buy some ready-made wormwood, then buy some large pieces of ginger to make wormwood sticks, and then prepare cotton balls containing 95% alcohol. Sanjiu ginger separated moxibustion can begin. Slice large ginger slices: do not cut ginger slices too thin or too thick, about 1cm is appropriate. Prick eyes on ginger slices: prick 8-10 small eyes on the cut ginger slices with a sewing needle. Make AI Rong into AI Zhu: make AI Rong into a cone-shaped AI Zhu. Remember to pinch it. Put the wormwood on the ginger slices: put the prepared wormwood on the ginger slices and complete the required quantity. Of course, pay attention to the time.

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