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After three or nine days, the allegorical saying of eating popsicles shook up and lost its prestige

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generally speaking, people need to understand and consider the changes in the weather in a timely manner, because in this case, the future life can be grasped by us. When will the specific time come in three or nine days in 2021? Will there be some important allegorical sayings in the thirty-nine days?

三九天吃冰棍的歇后语 2021三九天的具体时间

the allegory of eating popsicles for three or nine days

eating popsicles for three or nine days -- chilling

eating popsicles for three or nine days -- cold and warm the beggar who knows

for three or nine days -- cold and hungry

dried tofu for three or nine days -- cold and cold, hard

" The popsicles of thirty-nine days - - no one cares about


-- the skirts of thirty-nine days - - the beautiful and moving (frozen)


wear single coats for thirty-nine days - - trembled; If you don't have prestige,


eat plum in three or nine days -- poor


eat popsicle in three or nine days -- cold heart; I know that


don't wear cotton for three or nine days -- timid


in 2021, the first day of three or nine days in 2021 is January 8, 2022, and the last day of three or nine days is the ninth day. January 16, 2022 is the coldest time of the year.


how to keep healthy for three or nine days


exercise is the basis of health in any season. It is necessary to adhere to a certain amount of exercise at any time in order to ensure the activity and fullness of cells. It's cold in winter. If you don't want to go out for running and large-scale exercise, you can't help doing a few Yoga actions to stretch the bladder meridian, such as sitting in an angle position to fully stretch the back and leg meridians. It's really too lazy to be surprised. Just rely on the sun to supplement it. Pull out your ankles in the morning and dry your head and back in the afternoon. In cold winter, when people wear thick clothes, the heat is mainly lost from the exposed parts such as the head and. People who do not wear hats in a static state lose a lot of heat from their head. When the ambient temperature is 15 ° C, the heat lost from the head accounts for 30% of the total heat lost by the human body, 60% at 4 ° C and 75% at - 15 ° C. It can be seen that the heat preservation of the head is closely related to the heat balance of the human body, so we must do a good job of heat preservation in three or nine days.

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