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What is warmth? The hot sun in dog days is three or nine days. It is the warmth of the heart

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is warm, hot and cold in our life, because there are four seasons in a year. The change of weather shown by the four seasons is also an aspect that we need to consider. What kind of performance is it when three or nine days come? What effect does moxibustion have on this day?

温暖是什么是三伏天的烈日是三九天的 三九天艾灸能提高免疫力吗

what is warmth? The hot sun in dog days is three or nine days. The sentence

comes from a composition. What is warmth? Is it the hot sun in dog days? no Is it heating for three or nine days? no What is it? It is the warmth flowing between people.       

        Warmth is everywhere. There was a math test. I didn't bring draft paper. The teacher came in with some papers in his hand. At this time, I realized that I wanted to take the exam, so I fumbled in the bag and wanted to find the draft paper, but I couldn't find the draft paper. It's impossible. I remember to bring it. Look carefully. I picked up the bag, put it on the table and let the light shine in so that I could look for it. But I didn't find it many times. I just poured it out and looked for it, "pencil, pen, correction tape, neutral pen..." I whispered, but I still had nothing.       A strange classmate next to me saw that I was so worried, so he said to me, "classmate, don't you have a draft paper? I've prepared one more for you." then he handed me a draft paper. I am very grateful to this classmate. Although we have only one face, I want to say "thank you" to you again. That classmate is like a ray of warm sunshine shining in my heart, warm and comfortable!

can moxibustion improve immunity?

moxibustion can improve immunity no matter when it is, because moxibustion treatment is a warm and hot method, the effect can dredge meridians, dispel cold and dehumidification, treat rheumatic diseases and deficiency syndrome, and is also helpful to enhance physique and improve immunity. The ancients said that if you treat a disease in three years, you should ask for AIDS in five years. It can be seen that moxibustion treatment can not only prevent and treat diseases, but also strengthen the body and improve immunity. During treatment, you can have a good rest, because only enough rest can make you energetic.

how to do three or nine days of Moxibustion

in winter, between nineteen and thirty-nine is the best time to tonic. In addition to food tonic, traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion is also a popular tonic method in this season. Moxibustion physiotherapy can warm yang and replenish qi, and also has a certain preventive and therapeutic effect on some stubborn diseases. Moxibustion technique: moxibustion is to put lit moxa sticks into moxibustion to smoke specific acupoints, and cooperate with external traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment through the function of meridians and acupoints. Moxibustion can replenish qi and nourish blood. It is the easiest moxibustion to master and can be self treated at home. The commonly used acupoints are Guanyuan, Zhongwan and Zusanli. Moxibustion with moxa sticks for 10 to 15 minutes a day can play the role of warming the spleen and kidney and promoting the transportation of the spleen and stomach, which is very helpful to our body organs.

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