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Comprehensive explanation and content of 24 solar terms and 72 syndromes

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in the long process of cosmic evolution and in the ever-changing nature, the ancients constantly observed and summarized the changes between heaven and earth, so as to summarize many truths. In the history of world civilization, the 24 solar terms and 72 solar terms summarized and used by the working people in ancient China are an extremely glorious page. Next, let me introduce the 24 solar terms and 72 solar terms to you.


24 solar terms

solar terms refer to 24 seasons and climate. It is a supplementary calendar formulated in ancient China to guide farming. It is the accumulation of long-term experience and the crystallization of wisdom of the working people of the Han nationality.


because ancient China was an agricultural society, agriculture needed to strictly understand the operation of the sun, and farming was carried out completely according to the sun, so the "24 solar terms" which separately reflected the operation cycle of the sun were added to the calendar as the standard for determining leap months. China's Orthodox 24 solar terms take the Yellow River Basin as the standard. A solar term every fifteen days. Someone compiled the 24 solar terms into a doggerel for easy memory: "rain startles the clear Valley in spring, summer is full of awns, and summer and summer are connected. Autumn dew, autumn cold and frost fall, winter snow and winter cold. The two festivals of each month do not change, with a difference of one or two days at most. Six and twenty-one in the first half of the year and eight and twenty-three in the second half of the year." on November 30, 2016, China's "24 solar terms" It was officially listed in the representative list of human intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.


seventy-two syndromes


and "seventy-two syndromes" are compiled according to the signs of changes in animals, plants and other natural phenomena in the Yellow River Basin. They are used to explain the changes of solar terms and serve as the basis for agricultural activities in the yellow River Basin. It takes five days as a period, 365 days a year (ordinary year) as 72 periods, which corresponds to 24 solar terms. It stipulates that three periods are one section (gas), with a total of 72 periods a year. 72 the "Hou" of Hou should include abiotic and biological categories, the former such as "water begins to dry up", "east wind thaws", "Rainbow begins to see", "earth begins to freeze", etc; The latter includes animals and plants, such as "Hongyan comes", "tiger begins to pay", "Ping begins to grow", "bitter vegetable show", "peach begins to blossom", etc. Some people have also made a convenient memory formula for 72 waiting periods: "five days is waiting, three waiting for Qi, six waiting for Qi, four for age, 24 solar terms a year, a total of 72 waiting periods. Each waiting period is corresponding to a phenological phenomenon, which is called waiting response."

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