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Detailed explanation of 24 solar terms

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since childhood, we have had several festivals, such as the beginning of spring, the winter solstice and the Qingming Festival. Eating dumplings at the winter solstice and offering sacrifices to ancestors at the Qingming Festival are traditional festivals in China since ancient times. You must also know that these traditional festivals actually evolved from 24 solar terms. How did the two and 14 solar terms come from and spread in China for thousands of years? Next, I will introduce the "24 solar terms" to you in detail.


originated from the Yellow River Basin. The 24 solar terms

originated from the Yellow River Basin. They are the long-term accumulation and wisdom of the working people in ancient China. The ancients of our country began to explore the mysteries of the universe very early, and thus deduced a complete and profound stargazing culture.. The 24 solar terms are formulated according to the star shift, and the Big Dipper rotates in a circle, which is closely related to the change of seasons.


24 solar terms include: beginning of spring, rain, waking insects, spring equinox, Qingming, Gu Yu; Beginning of summer, Xiaoman, grain in ear, summer solstice, slight heat, great heat; Beginning of autumn, summer, white dew, autumnal equinox, cold dew and frost; Beginning of winter, light snow, heavy snow, winter solstice, light cold, heavy cold. Collectively known as "24 solar terms". Some people have also created a memory formula for it: spring rain startles spring and clear Valley sky, summer is full of awns, and summer and summer are connected. Autumn dew, autumn frost, winter snow, winter cold. There is no change in two sections of each month, with a difference of one or two days at most. Six, twenty-one in the first half of the year, eight, twenty-three in the second half of the year.


in the long farming society, the twenty-four solar terms play an important role and have rich cultural connotation. Some solar terms such as the beginning of spring, the winter solstice and the Qingming Festival are not only natural solar terms, but also important folk festivals. It is connected with tiangan, dizhi and Bagua. It belongs to the same system and has a long historical source. In the early times of observation and timing, the farming cycle was the celebration cycle, and some solar terms were festivals. Although since then, due to the promotion of the yin-yang calendar in the historical development, solar terms and festivals have been separated, many solar terms have been retained as festivals.




historically, the 24 solar terms have long crossed the door of the world, affecting the Korean Peninsula, Japan and Southeast Asia. The people are still inheriting and carrying forward the 24 solar terms and their attached culture, which fully shows its cultural value.

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