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What is the best and most suitable auspicious day for opening in September 2020

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in the shops that will open soon, one thing the boss must do is to choose a suitable day, because a good time also has a good meaning. So what is the best day to open in September of the 2020 lunar calendar? What is the most suitable auspicious day query in September 2020? Let's take a look with this issue of the old yellow calendar!

2020年农历九月份开张什么日子最好 最适合的吉日查询

what is the best day to open in September 2020 in the lunar calendar? October 17, 2020, the first day of September (small) in 2020 in the lunar calendar, Saturday, Chongzhu (Dinghai) Shadong, October 29, 2020, September (small) 13, 2020 in the lunar calendar, Thursday, Chongzhu (Jihai) Shadong, November 12, 2020, and September 2020 in the lunar calendar (small) 27, Thursday, chongniu (Guichou) Shaxi opened a lucky day. Tips: the above relevant contents are sorted out from the traditional old yellow calendar. It is suggested that you should further select a suitable lucky day in combination with the relevant information such as personal numerology, five elements and eight characters. For more details, you can select the [opening lucky day] below to get the corresponding opening day.

2020年农历九月份开张什么日子最好 最适合的吉日查询


" Congratulations to friends on the opening day. 1. Business continues, prosperity continues, happiness continues, good luck continues, financial resources continue, and business is getting richer and richer. Guests often come, opportunities often come, success comes all the way, happy opening and good luck. I wish you happiness from now on. 2. Today, your new store opens, and my friends send me a blessing post. Lucky star fortune takes pictures of you and counts you at home every day Banknotes, great auspiciousness and wealth are gathered here and there. I wish you a prosperous business and prosperous financial resources. 3. The opening of the company is a good day. Challenge yourself and have good prospects for your career. Set sail and pursue happiness forward. I wish you success and endless development. 4. I wish you good business and no trouble in everything Annoyed; I wish you a wide source of wealth and guests can't catch up; I wish you a good reputation and make money day and night; I wish you a beautiful heart and benefit all mankind! I wish business prosperity and good luck in opening! 5. Congratulations on opening and good luck. 6. Friends send Golden oranges for opening and good performance; flowers baskets for opening a new store are smooth and not difficult; I wish friends open a store and send blessings by SMS. Business Prosper, have a wide range of financial resources, and make a fortune smoothly!

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