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What month is Bai Lu? September 7 of the Gregorian calendar

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when the golden osmanthus blooms, the cool breeze blows, and the wheat waves roll in the rice field, we know that a pleasant autumn is coming. However, it is also divided into several seasons. Some are still hot, and the heat is still prohibitive. So when is it really late autumn? Let's make a simple analysis through a season.

白露是几月几日 公历的9月7日

Bailu is the day of the month

take this year as an example, it is on Tuesday, September 7 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, the first day of August of the lunar calendar. According to the old yellow calendar, it is advisable to get engaged, go to school, ask for an heir, pray for blessings, sacrifice, capture, accept mining, plant, celebrate fasting, ask for wealth, recruit superfluous people, etc. it is forbidden to move, decorate, open a business, get married, enter a house, get a license, start work, start a land, settle a bed, travel, bury, Shangliang, trade, open a ticket, travel, repair a grave, break the ground, build, open a market, accept wealth, accept livestock, open a diamond, marry, migrate Logging, building houses, meridians, voucher setting, separation, bridge building, etc. You can arrange your itinerary according to your actual situation.

what can you do on this day

① eat longan: in Fuzhou, Fujian, September is the season when longan is on the market. Eating longan has the effect of preventing anemia, is very warm and tonic, and is also very friendly to the skin, which can replenish water.

② White Dew Festival: it is popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. People collect "ten kinds of white" on this day to simmer black bone white haired chicken (or duck). It is said that after eating, it can nourish the body and remove the wind (arthritis). These "ten kinds of white" are ten kinds of herbal medicines with the word "white", such as white hibiscus, white hair bitter, etc., which are literally corresponding to "White Dew", which is an interesting folk custom.


③ sacrifice to King Yu: people pray for good weather and good harvest in the coming year by commemorating Dayu, who controlled the flood, symbolizing the people's longing for a better life.

what are the appropriate blessings

1. After drinking a mouthful of White Dew, the mosquitoes shut up. The autumn is clear and the sky is beautiful. The autumn wind blows the laurel stamens and moves two legs more. The body is strong like a fortress. I wish my friends a happy life.

2. The yellow leaves are floating, the road is long, and the north swallow flies over the south for a long time. Whether it is near or far, it is connected thousands of miles away; The autumn wind is slowly, the autumn is thick, and the sky turns cool in the White Dew season. Whether it's free or busy, I wish you happiness and health.

3. Years walk slowly in the season and draw a landscape; Dewdrops linger gently between the water leaves, condensing into a feeling; May you take care of your health and live a healthy life!

4. The summer heat gradually disappears, the White Dew is frost and comes, and there are few clothes for diet adjustment; The spirit is good, Bailu is endless, and the days are more beautiful. I hope you take good care of yourself and keep in touch with me if you have nothing to do.

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