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What is the meaning of the White Dew solar term "White Dew autumn divides the night, one night is cold"

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is suitable for climbing with friends in the cool autumn season. The air is also very fresh, which is conducive to stretching limbs and promoting blood circulation and metabolism. However, the day is short and the night is long. It's best to go back early, otherwise the night is very cold. Let's see which solar term occupies the dominant position at this time.

白露节气的含义是什么 “白露秋分夜,一夜冷一夜”

what is the meaning of Bailu solar term

refers to the solar term before and after September 7, when the sun reaches 165 ° of the Yellow meridian, which belongs to the third season of autumn. As the residual summer heat gradually disappears, the cold of heaven and earth rises and diffuses, the weather gradually turns cool, the dew in the morning becomes thicker and thicker, and condenses into a layer of white water droplets on the grass leaves, so people call the phenomenon of water droplets on plants White Dew. Common customs include eating longan or offering sacrifices to Dayu. You can pay attention to the specific conditions of various places. What are the characteristics of the


climate? Generally speaking, the


are "White Dew, autumn and cold all night". Although the south is still shrouded in autumn tigers, the temperature in the North has dropped sharply, even with a temperature difference of more than ten degrees. After entering the Bailu solar term, the summer wind is gradually replaced by the winter wind, the cold air turns defensive into attack, and the warm air gradually retreats. The cold air going south in batches often brings a certain range of cooling range. Therefore, partners should pay attention to keep warm, not shirtless or take a cold bath to avoid catching a cold. What are the ancient poems related to


1. The White Dew in the Ming Dynasty, the golden wind in this night. Leaning on a lonely pillow under the lamp, the hedgerow root speaks a hundred insects. Where do the Wutong fall and the shaft is empty. The guest's intention startles the autumn half, and the hot and cool letter turns to the Peng—— Qiu yuan's autumn feeling · White Dew in the Ming Dynasty


2. The wood feels angry and leaves CI. Climb Chongji in front of the other water. In autumn, I gather Ganoderma lucidum. I'll give you my thoughts. The feeling of separation will last forever. Yi is depressed and unhappy——


in Cao Zhi's poem "leaving friends · cool wind and white dew". 3. The green mountains come to dream, and the white head becomes the rest of the body. Bearing the river day, sad jade dew morning. Guiling is covered with tobacco stains, and the Lijiang River is covered with Xiaobo chaps. Maple wound chrysanthemum run from the Si Festival, autumn is urgent, the sky is high, take advantage of this morning——


in "Bai Lu Xiao Dui" by Guo Zhiqi 4. The river and Han clouds dissipate and overflow the plain light, reopening the bottle of wine according to the rope bed. On the eve of Chang'e pouring wine, Lao Tzu was whirling and drunk. Hyacinth grows green cinnamon twice, and an inch of time goes into boxwood. Strange to poetry, I can't bear to think clearly. I want frost in the sound of early geese——

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