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Is white dew still hot? White Dew is cold at night and hot during the day

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believes that most people are afraid of the hot summer and hope that the cool autumn season will come soon, but the pace of autumn is always slow, and it may take some time to completely send away summer. What about the climate in the White Dew season? Let's take you to explore.

白露还热不热   白露夜寒白天热

is the white dew still hot

this festival is after the summer, the autumn tiger is about to go away, and the national temperature generally drops significantly. Although it is still hot during the day, it becomes cold at night, especially in the north, there will even be a temperature difference of more than ten degrees. We should pay great attention to keeping warm. In short, the whole weather is characterized by "cold at night and hot in the day". Due to the dry weather, the precipitation will decrease. In the field, attention should be paid to irrigation to prevent drought from affecting the harvest of late rice.

the specific meaning of this solar term

it ranks 15th among the 24 solar terms, which is close to the late autumn, when the sun reaches 165 degrees of the Yellow meridian. Bailu is the third solar term of autumn, indicating the end of mengqiu season and the beginning of mid autumn season. Dew is a drop of water formed by the condensation of water vapor on the ground or near earth objects due to the decrease of temperature. We can see the rolling dew on plants and trees in the morning and see the white layer from a distance, which is very pleasing to the eye. Therefore, we have this title. The ancients summarized its climate characteristics into three climates, namely "the wild geese come, the black birds return, and the birds raise shame". It tells that when the wild geese come, the swallows fly back, and all birds have entered the time of cultivation, indicating that everything withers and animals lurk, preparing for the winter.

what are the traditional customs

1. Collect clear dew: it is recorded in ancient books that collecting dew in the morning with a plate can eliminate diseases, generate saliva, quench thirst, nourish beauty and moisturize skin after drinking, so people follow suit one after another.

2. Offering sacrifices to the king of Yu: it refers to offering sacrifices to the great Yu who has made meritorious contributions to flood control, that is, incense meetings to the king of Yu are held here every year on the eighth day of the first month, Qingming, the seventh day of July and the White Dew season, hoping to bless the good weather in the coming year.

3. Eat longan: autumn is the mature season of this fruit. People in the south like to eat it. They think it has the functions of Supplementing Qi and spleen, nourishing blood and calming nerves, moisturizing skin and beauty, so they will buy it in the market.

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