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What does Bailu mean? The alternation of cold and hot climate

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when we see the sentence "the reeds are green and the dew is frost" in ancient poetry, we may wonder what kind of season this is, is it the winter with frost? In fact, it's not. We need to understand the meaning behind it, so as not to misunderstand the scene and avoid making jokes. Let's see what's going on.

白露是什么意思 气候的冷热交替

what does Bailu mean?

refers to one of the twenty-four solar terms in China, ranking third in the autumn season in the first ten days of September of the Gregorian calendar every year. At this time, the weather gradually turns cool. Dew can be seen on the plants in the morning, so it is called Bailu. People will obviously feel that the hot summer has passed. Although the temperature during the day is still more than 30 degrees, it drops to more than 20 degrees after night, and the temperature difference between the two is more than 10 degrees. As the saying goes, "when you are in the summer, do not expose yourself to White Dew." it is said that you need to keep warm at this stage. You can't wear too little. Because of the large temperature difference between day and night, you'd better bring a coat in the morning and evening, and keeping warm has become the main thing. What are the climatic characteristics of


although the autumn tigers in the south are still very powerful at this time, the north is already very cool, the precipitation is significantly reduced, and the air is very dry. If it is too dry, it will affect the harvest of rice, so farmers look forward to more rain at this time. The so-called "White Dew, autumn wind and night, cool night." it means that the state of autumn begins to show. The sun is still hot in the day, but as soon as the sun returns, the temperature drops quickly. The most obvious feature is the alternation of cold and heat. Everything grows with the cold, so it begins to wither gradually. In the future, the temperature has been falling, and it will not be so exaggerated in the heat. What are the health care skills of


? First of all, more water should be added to


, because before and after this season, people are prone to dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, dry skin and other symptoms. This is a typical "autumn dryness". We should eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits, such as autumn pears or cabbage. Secondly, we should keep a regular work and rest. We should go to bed early and get up early. We can't stay up late. When we go to bed, we should remember to cover the quilt and don't be shirtless to avoid catching a cold. Then we should take more exercise to strengthen our physique.

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