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How to brew Bailu tea? It's better to drink "good tea with good water"

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in the twinkling of an eye, the midsummer has passed, but the pace of leaving is reluctant to part with it. Autumn comes silently without haste and delay. It is a calm season with cool wind and heavy golden fruits. At this time, it will be more comfortable if you cook a pot of good tea. Let's introduce the tea suitable for this season.

白露茶怎么泡比较好喝   “好茶配好水”

white tea is better to drink.

refers to the white tea picked before and after the White Dew solar term. At this time, it is autumn. Before and after September 7 of the Gregorian calendar, the weather turns cool and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Drinking a cup has the effect of refreshing, refreshing, warming up and moistening the throat. Usually, high-quality tea can give off a good smell of tea, because after a summer's growth, the aroma will be restrained and precipitated in autumn. When you choose, you should pay attention to that fresh tea with sweet spring water is more perfect and tastes smooth and lingering. If there is no mountain spring, it is also good to boil and brew with mineral water.

what else should we pay attention to

when making tea, we should prepare suitable tea sets and the quantity of tea according to the actual situation. If there are many people, we should consider a larger teapot, and if it is drunk by one person, a small bowl is enough. Secondly, Bailu tea is autumn tea, the leaves will be relatively broad and thick, and the tea stem is also thick and long. Therefore, warm the cup before brewing, and then put the tea into the covered bowl with residual temperature, which can soften the tea, make it stretch more during brewing, and let us feel the fragrance of tea and the charm of mature tea. It should also be noted that after brewing, the tea soup should be poured out quickly to avoid affecting the taste, usually within one minute.

what are the main types of

1. Osmanthus Longjing: the so-called three autumn osmanthus seeds fall one after another in autumn. Taking some to join Longjing tea is very elegant and popular.

2. Oolong tea: this kind of tea is very mild and will not be too cold, so it is very suitable to drink in the White Dew season. It has the functions of moisturizing the skin, removing dryness, generating saliva, moistening the lung, clearing heat and cooling blood, and effectively alleviate autumn dryness.

3. Xiaoqiu tea: it refers to the typical Bailu tea. It tastes mild and not dry, mellow and fragrant. It has a sweet cool and a slight lie. It has a very autumn taste and is deeply favored by tea lovers.

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