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What are the verses of the Bailu solar term? Bailu is frost, Jianjia is green, and the so-called Iraqi is on the water side

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Bailu solar term is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. There are many poems praising and exaggerating it. It is more about expressing their views on this solar term. Many people want to gain from it. Bailu solar term also has an irresistible spirit. The sudden change of temperature also brings coolness to people.

白露节气有什么诗句 白露为霜蒹葭苍苍所谓伊人在水一方

what are the verses of Bailu solar term? Bailu is frost, Jianjia is green, and the so-called Iraqi is on the water side

1. Bailu has a cold night in autumn.

2. White Dew and white fan, autumn equinox rice show Qi.

3. White dew falls in August, and the water in the lake is old. The autumn wind is much, and the load is half dumped. Climb the green maple with your hands and spoil the Yellow reed with your feet.

4. The reeds are green and the White Dew is frost. The so-called Iraqi is on the water side.

5. White Dew group Ganzi, scattered Horseshoes in the morning.

6. The autumn wind is cold, and the White Dew is morning frost.

7. Go back to the Castle Peak and sing when the White Dew autumn.

8. White Dew silkworm has silk, and the empty forest day is desolate.

9. There is no rain in the imperial sky, and the White Dew is only in the Ming Dynasty.

10. The White Dew withers, the flowers do not wither, and the cool wind blows the leaves to dry.

what are the climatic characteristics of the Bailu solar term

1. The precipitation in northern China has decreased significantly, and it is crisp and dry in autumn. The east of Southwest China, South China and West China also often have continuous cloudy and rainy weather.

2. Autumn drought, forest fire, early frost and other weather may occur in some areas.

3. If the summer drought in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, West China and South China is not moistened by autumn rain, it may form continuous drought in summer and autumn.


the schedule of the Bailu solar terms after 2021


the Bailu time in 2021: 17:52:46 on September 7, the


in 2022: 23:32:07 on September 7, the


in 2023: 05:26:31 on August 12, 2022, and the


in July 24, 2023 White Dew time in 2024: 11:06 on September 7,


on the fifth day of August (big) in 2024; White Dew time in 2025: 16:51:41 on September 7; White Dew time in 2026: 22:40:59 on September 7; White Dew time in 2027: 04:28:08 on September 8,

on the eighth day of August (small) in the lunar calendar 2027 https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/33416.html
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