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When is the best time to plant shallot? Half a month

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whenever September comes, the White Dew season comes into view. It has brought changes to the climate and changed farmers' planting. It has an extremely important moment. I think you also want to know the origin and meaning of the White Dew solar term. Here are some contents of the small compilation!

白露葱什么时间种最好 半个月时间种植

the origin of the Bailu solar term

the first two solar terms in autumn are muggy, and the autumn is really cool. Generally, after the Bailu solar term, it gradually tends to be cool and dry from the Bailu solar term. As we enter late autumn, the climate turns from hot to cold, and everything grows and gradually falls with the cold. Because of the large temperature difference between day and night, the water vapor near the ground condenses into droplets when it is cold at night. People call it "dew" and "White Dew" because it is white. So Bailu's name comes from this. White Dew is an important festival reflecting the temperature change in nature. At this time, the sultry summer is basically over, and it is the turning point from heat to cool in autumn.

when is the best time to plant

as the saying goes, "white onion" refers to the spring onion sown in autumn. The best time to plant spring onion in autumn is during the White Dew solar term, that is, from white dew to the autumn equinox solar term. This year is between September 7 and September 22. The name of White Dew onion is related to the White Dew solar term. As the saying goes, "White Dew grows onion and cold dew grows garlic". This is the origin of White Dew onion. The White Dew onion here refers to green onions, not other sub onions and shallots. The most famous is Shandong green onion. Shandong is rich in green onions. Shandong people also like to eat green onions. Now green onions are popular all over the country, so every household in rural areas will plant some green onions. What does


and "Bailu" mean? Literally,


and "Bailu" are very easy to understand. It means that when the Bailu solar term comes, white dew will appear in nature. This dew is also because the hot summer begins to subside slowly, while the cold in the ground begins to rise, the air is uneven, and the fog condenses to form small white dew with clear gold and silver, The most intuitive feeling of farmers is that they can see the fog on the distant mountains in the morning, the fog on the water surface of the nearby pond, and the dew is hanging in the grass. Bailu has three obvious characteristics, that is, farmers often say that Bailu has three Hou "cool wind, Bailu falls, and cold cicadas sing". These three characteristics are the best interpretation of Bailu solar term. Let's talk about "cool wind to". The cool wind here is the same as that in the hot dog days. The wind blowing in the sky is hot wind, which gives people the feeling of steaming, which is the kind of hot gas of "steaming up and cooking down". After the advent of the Bailu solar term, because of the large temperature difference between day and night and the relatively low temperature in the evening and morning, the wind is cool rather than hot, so people are comfortable blowing the cool wind.

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