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The White Dew Festival means "the weather turns cool"

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Bailu is one of the twenty-four solar terms. From that day on, the temperature began to drop and the weather turned cool. It has a unique meaning on this day. In the morning, there were dew drops on the plants and trees, and the world entered another space. In Bailu solar term, there is also a saying about health preservation, which everyone may not know. Let's take you to know now!

白露节有寓意 “天气转凉”

about the health preservation of Bailu solar term

1. Pay attention to nutrition, nourish the lung and moisten the dryness. Bailu is the solar term with the largest temperature difference between day and night in the whole year. After the White Dew, the temperature began to drop, the weather turned cool, and the water vapor condensation on the ground began to increase. The diet in the White Dew season should focus on strengthening the spleen and moistening dryness. It is suitable to eat things that are flat, sweet or warm, and flat tonic foods that are nutritious and easy to digest.

2. Don't be greedy for cool when sleeping at night. Bailu is a solar term indicating that the weather turns cool. Although the temperature can still reach more than 30 degrees during the day, it will still be cooler at night. The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature drop is more obvious when it rains. Therefore, pay attention to adding clothes and quilts in the morning and evening, don't be topless, and don't be greedy for cool when sleeping.

3. Exercise outside should combine dynamic and static. The health preservation focus of Bailu solar term is to strengthen physical exercise. Although autumn is more suitable for outdoor sports, the choice of sports events in the dew season should vary from person to person, act according to one's ability and persevere.

Bailu Festival means "the weather turns cool",

"Bailu" is a unique natural phenomenon of Bailu solar term. Only when the weather turns cool, the temperature decreases and the Yin Qi gradually increases, the dew in the morning will become thicker and condense into a layer of white water droplets. Therefore, Bailu actually means that the weather has turned cool and the hot summer has passed. Although during the Bailu solar term, the temperature can still reach more than 30 degrees during the day, it drops to more than 20 degrees after night, and the temperature difference between the two is more than 10 degrees. Therefore, Bailu is also a solar term with the largest temperature difference between day and night throughout the year. As the saying goes, "Bailu is cold at night and hot during the day", "Bailu is cold at night and cold at night".

the blessing words of Bailu solar term

1. When Bailu arrives, the autumn wind rises and the autumn rain falls, sending you the autumn wind and blowing away the troubles of your life; Send you autumn rain, wash away your work fatigue, send you wechat and send you autumn blessings. I wish you fruitful harvest in this harvest season!

2. The yellow leaves are floating, the road is long, and the north swallow flies over the south for a long time. Whether it is near or far, it is connected thousands of miles away; The autumn wind is slowly, the autumn is thick, and the sky turns cool in the White Dew season. Whether it's free or busy, I wish you happiness and health!

3. Send you a cup of happiness dew. Happiness is revealed in your heart. Give you a bowl of sweet dew. Smile is revealed on your face. On the White Dew Festival, I wish you a pleasant "dew" in your life and a good luck "dew" in your career. White Dew is happy!

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