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What does White Dew autumn mean? It's an alternation from summer to autumn

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Every solar term of

is formed bit by bit in our life and has a long influence. Whenever the Bailu solar term comes, it also has its own unique meaning and is worth us to understand. Now let Xiaobian take you into this solar term with the largest temperature difference between day and night. What is its world? Introduction to

白露秋是什么意思 夏季到秋季的一个交替

Bailu solar term

Bailu is the 15th solar term in the "24 solar terms", the third solar term in autumn, the end of the Shenyue and the beginning of the unitary month. Douzhigui; The sun reaches 165 degrees yellow meridian; The festival will be held on September 7-9 of the Gregorian calendar. "White Dew" is an important solar term reflecting the growth of cold in nature. As the weather gradually turns cool, the sun is still hot in the daytime, but the temperature drops quickly in the evening, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. When it comes to Bailu, the summer monsoon is gradually replaced by the winter monsoon, and the cold air turns from defensive to attack. In addition, the direct point of the sun moves southward, the sunshine time in the northern hemisphere becomes shorter, the light intensity weakens, and the ground radiation and heat dissipation is fast, so the temperature decline speed is also gradually accelerated. Bailu basically ended the sultry summer, the weather gradually turned cool, cold born dew condensation. The ancients used four seasons with five elements. Autumn is golden, golden and white. They use white to describe autumn dew, so it is called "Bailu".

the ancients' view of Bailu

according to their observation of nature, the ancients of China divided Bailu into three periods: "one for the geese to come, two for the black birds to return, and three for the birds to raise shame." it means that in this solar term, migratory birds such as geese and swallows fly south to avoid the cold, and hundreds of birds began to store dried fruit grain for winter. At present, farmers are also busy harvesting crops, which is the so-called "grab autumn, grab autumn, lose if you don't grab it". During the Bailu period, local folk customs mainly included sacrificing Dayu, brewing grain wine, drinking Bailu tea and so on. What does


mean? An alternation from summer to autumn. The 15th solar term of the 24 solar terms of


is Bailu, which is also the third solar term in autumn. It indicates the end of mengqiu season and the beginning of mid autumn season. It is an important festival reflecting the temperature change in the natural world. Bailu is the end of Shenyue in the Ganzhi calendar and the beginning of youyue. The time point is from September 7 to 9 in the Gregorian calendar, when the sun reaches 165 degrees of the Yellow meridian. Bailu is the solar term with the largest temperature difference between day and night. Before and after the White Dew, the residual summer heat gradually disappeared, the Yin of heaven and earth rose and spread, and the weather gradually turned cool. The dew in the morning became thicker and thicker, and condensed into a layer of white water droplets on the grass leaves. The ancients used four seasons with five elements. Autumn is golden, golden and white. Therefore, white is used to describe autumn dew, so it is called White Dew.

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