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What month is the autumnal equinox? September 23 of the Gregorian calendar

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has been sad and lonely in autumn since ancient times. I say autumn is better than spring. Although this season is full of fallen leaves, it always gives people a bleak feeling, but it is also a harvest season, so we should face it with a positive attitude, meet more beautiful hopes and prepare for the next stage. This article will introduce the specific date of the autumnal equinox solar term.

秋分是几月几日 公历的9月23日

the autumn equinox is the day of the month

according to the calendar, this year is Thursday, September 23, that is, August 17 of the lunar calendar. It is the fourth solar term of autumn, which divides the whole autumn equally. Therefore, it has an important position. According to the different climates in various parts of China, it also presents different farming scenes, but on the whole, it is very busy. The northern areas are busy harvesting crops, but they are not in a hurry to plant wheat, because the temperature has not completely cooled down at this time, which is a good time to rush for harvest. The southern region is also affected by the autumn tiger. The temperature is still around 20 degrees. It is still very hot at noon, but it is very cool in the evening and morning.

what are the main activities of people

1. Kite flying: This is a good time to enjoy the scenery in the suburbs. We will fly kites in open places. The categories include Wang Zi kite, silver carp kite, squint moth kite, thunder bug kite and moon light kite. The larger one is two meters high, and the types are very rich and colorful.

2. Eat autumn vegetables: in the traditional custom, the whole village goes to pick autumn vegetables on the day of the autumn equinox. When searching in the field, it is often green and thin, about the length of a palm. The collected autumn vegetables are usually "boiling soup" with fish fillets at home, which is called "autumn soup". The main purpose of this name is to hope that the whole family will be safe and have a good harvest in the coming year.

the ancient poems of this solar term recommend

1. A rain washes the Gu, and the three rivers have a clear climate. The wind in the forest carries the spirit of Hao, and the leaves send the sound of business. Suddenly lotus is born. Look at chrysanthemum spitting English. In times of peace, when people are old, why should they report false life—— Shao Yong and Li Wensi's five early autumn songs


2. The golden Qi is divided into this dynasty, and the leaves of Tianqing forest intend to leave the article. Three and a half autumn to chant the force, all senses to brew ant elimination. It's early in the morning and early in the morning, and it's not far from looking before the full moon. Today, day and night are both long and short. Zhanlu has no Lao Shi surname Qiao—— Strong to


in yiyunfeng and situ Shizhong gengxu autumnal equinox. 3. The autumnal equinox thunder closes itself, and Bailu suddenly thunders in the Ming Dynasty. It's strange to sit in the middle and be surprised to fall down. The old willow next to the wall is broken in the atrium——


4. The boat goes to the West and looks at the Dragon leaping waves. The wind is white, the morning is late, and the frost carves red leaves for the autumnal equinox—— Wu Fu's "see you in Wujiang with Meng Shigong in autumn"

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