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What does the autumnal equinox mean? It's autumn

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when we mention the traditional season, many concepts are relatively unfamiliar, because many elements are not often seen today, resulting in a certain gap. However, we can understand the meaning through the previous records, which is no longer so far away from everyone. This article will talk about the specific meaning of the autumnal equinox and see what climatic characteristics there are.

秋分是什么意思 昼夜平分正当秋

what does the autumnal equinox mean

it refers to one of China's traditional 24 solar terms, usually around September 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year, which means that the hot summer in midsummer is completely over and the real autumn is coming. In addition, according to the ancient book "spring and autumn dew, yin and Yang in and out part I and part II", it says: "the autumnal equinox, yin and yang are half the same, so the day and night are cold and summer flat." at this time, the direct point of the sun is at the equator, and the day and night are just equinox, so it means this layer. Moreover, according to the seasonal division method in ancient China, which began with the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the autumnal equinox ranks among the 90 days of autumn, and the autumn is divided equally. Therefore, it is a very symbolic season. People guide autumn farming activities according to its climate change.


what are the three periods of


in this season? The relevant data say: "first, the thunder begins to stop; second, the insects begin to sting; third, the water begins to dry up". The first sentence refers to that at this solar term, the sound of thunder decreased significantly, because the ancients thought that thunder sounded because of the prosperity of Yang Qi, and the Yin Qi began to flourish after the autumn equinox, so there was no more thunder. In the second phase, "blank" means fine soil, that is, as the weather becomes cold, dormant insects begin to hide in the cave and seal the hole with fine soil to prevent the invasion of cold air. At this time, the rainfall began to decrease. Due to the dry weather and rapid evaporation of water vapor, the amount of water in lakes and rivers decreased, and some swamps and water depressions dried up. It reminds people to pay attention to the irrigation of fields in case of scarce precipitation.

what are the health preservation methods in autumn

at this time, we should pay attention not to eat things that are too warm and tonic, because we need to prevent autumn dryness and focus on conditioning. Many people often have weak spleen and stomach. Under such climatic conditions, it is appropriate to focus on clearing away heat, dampness and strengthening the spleen, and eat more fresh vegetables, melons and fruits. Exercise should also pay attention to "collection". Do not exercise too violently. You can try slow-paced activities such as Taijiquan and jogging.

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