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Autumn equinox, early frost, late cold dew, planting wheat at the right time

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people are used to carrying out some activities on special days, especially those related to seasons, because the changes will bring many effects. Everyone will adjust their work and rest and carry out corresponding agricultural production according to the characteristics of the weather, hoping to have a good harvest in the coming year. Let's introduce the relevant seasons in autumn.

秋分早霜降迟 寒露种麦正当时

the meaning of early frost falling late at the autumnal equinox

actually needs to be combined with the meaning of the whole sentence to be easy to understand. Its next sentence is "cold dew planting wheat at the right time". This is an agricultural proverb applicable to the southern part of North China. It means that it is a little early to sow wheat in the autumn equinox solar term, but it is a little late to sow when the frost falls. The best sowing time is in the cold dew solar term. Because the temperature drops rapidly in northern North China, it is necessary to plant in advance at the autumn equinox. In the south of North China, the temperature drops slowly, so it is generally postponed to the cold dew season to start planting wheat. Therefore, agricultural production needs to be determined according to the specific geographical environment, and these proverbs have brought a lot of help and provided practical guidance for thousands of years.

what are the customs in this season

① offering sacrifices to the moon: in ancient times, there was a custom of worshipping the moon at the autumnal equinox. It was said that "offering sacrifices to the sun in spring and offering sacrifices to the moon in autumn". Later, it was moved to the Mid Autumn Festival.

② vertical egg: as the saying goes, "when the autumn equinox comes, the eggs are beautiful", which means that on this day, the direct point of the sun is good at the equator. Due to the equinox between day and night, it is conducive to the establishment of eggs and can maintain balance. Although there is no very scientific basis, everyone likes to participate and play an entertainment effect.

③ stick sparrow mouth: in rural areas, farmers will rest for a day. Each family will eat dumplings, and cook more than ten or twenty or thirty dumplings that do not need to be wrapped. They will be placed on the outdoor field edge ridge with thin bamboo forks, which is called stick sparrow mouth, so as not to damage the crops by sparrows. This behavior is also to pray for good weather and harvest in the coming year.

what are the precautions

1. At this season, the temperature has gradually decreased and the temperature difference between day and night is large. It's best to take a coat when you go out in the morning and evening to prevent catching a cold.

2. We should pay attention to healthy eating habits and eat more fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits in order to get rid of autumn dryness and maintain good physique.

3. Go to bed early and get up early, develop a regular work and rest, exercise properly and enhance immunity.

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