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Which solar term starts to turn cool after the white dew

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weather is slowly getting cool, which should be taken into account for people. After all, it is closely related to their own health. So after which solar term comes, will the weather be cool? At the same time, we should also consider a weather change corresponding to different solar terms among the 24 solar terms.

哪个节气天气开始转凉 白露之后

the weather will gradually turn cool after that solar term.

when the solar term reaches the Bailu solar term, everyone will obviously feel that the hot summer has passed, the cool autumn is approaching us, and the temperature difference between day and night is gradually increasing. Bailu is the third solar term of autumn, indicating the end of mengqiu season and the beginning of mid autumn season. After entering the White Dew, the weak cold air in the whole summer will turn from defense to attack, and gather forces to go south in batches, and the temperature will change significantly. Even if the temperature during the day is still more than 30 degrees Celsius, the night begins to feel a little cool. Therefore, the White Dew solar term indicates that the weather gradually turns cool and the sun is still hot in the daytime, but as soon as the sun returns to the mountain, the temperature drops quickly. At night, the water vapor in the air condenses into small droplets when it is cold, and the plants begin to have dew, which is the most obvious feature.

Bailu solar term is suitable for food

in Bailu solar term, we should avoid the occurrence of nasal diseases, asthma and bronchial diseases, and diet health preservation is mainly to generate saliva and moisten the lung. It is advisable to eat more foods and fruits that produce saliva and raise the lung, such as Sydney, sugarcane, persimmon, horseshoe, tremella, pineapple, bird's nest, pig's lung, honey, black chicken, turtle meat, turtle meat, duck egg, etc. Smokers should eat more lung food in autumn, such as milk, carrots, peanuts, corn flour and vitamins. Also need to often eat some vitamin rich food bean sprouts, cabbage, vegetable oil, etc. to supplement vitamins. Precautions for


Bailu solar terms


Bailu solar terms mean that the weather will become cool. When taking care of their bodies, many people blindly emphasize the supplement of seafood, meat and other nutrients, while ignoring seasonal susceptibility, causing physical damage to themselves and their families and affecting their study and work. For patients with respiratory diseases caused by allergy, they should eat less or no fish, shrimp, seafood and greasy food in terms of diet and maintenance. The most common are hairtail, crab, shrimp, leek flower, yellow flower and pepper. They should eat light, digestible and vitamin rich food. At ordinary times, we should often open windows for ventilation to circulate the air inside and outside the room, so as to keep the indoor air clean and fresh; Don't go to places with serious air pollution; Try not to go out in the morning fog. Don't exercise in the morning fog.

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