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Will it be cool in Bailu? "The sky is high, the clouds are light, the air is cool and windy"

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The weather change brought about by the

solar term is a very important aspect for people, because it not only affects their daily life, but also determines every decision they make in the future. After all, the weather change is very important. Will the weather go in a particularly cool direction after the arrival of the Bailu solar term?

到了白露天气会凉快吗 “天高云淡、气爽风凉”

the weather characteristics of the White Dew solar term

the White Dew solar term already has the taste of autumn, especially in the morning and evening, the autumn wind is blowing, giving people a feeling that autumn has come. But at noon, I can still feel the weather is very hot, and the temperature drops rapidly at night, and the temperature difference between day and night is very large. At night, the water vapor in the air will condense into dew. The proverb "after the White Dew Festival, the night is cold and the day is hot" means that the temperature difference between day and night is very large during the White Dew Festival. As the old saying goes, "don't expose yourself during the White Dew solar term, and you should be warned sooner or later." it is intended to remind people that although it is mild during the day, it will be cold sooner or later, and it is easy to catch cold when playing red preserved fruit. In the White Dew season, most parts of China have a clear sky, clear clouds and light wind. As the saying goes, "the white dew falls at midnight and the night is cold."


"the ancient poem of the White Dew solar term"


"the White Dew (Tang Du Fu)"


"the White Dew gathers sweet seeds and scatters horses' hoofs in the morning. The garden opens with stone trees and the boat crosses into the river."


"rely on a few times to watch the fish, whips back and hastens the birds to perch. It is gradually known that autumn is beautiful, and the secluded path is strange."


" "Autumn dew" (Tang Yongtao)


the White Dew warms the autumn color, and the moon is clear and leaking. The trace is stained with beads and foil, and the point falls on the jade plate.


when the bamboo moves, it startles the birds and shakes the cold and dark Trichomonas. The garden is full of eternal night, and gradually wants to be the same as the frost.


the agricultural proverb of the White Dew solar term


the White Dew cuts the grain and the frost picks the persimmon.


White Dew is red, yellow and white, and the cotton field is like a sea of people.

White Dew Valley, cold dew beans and peanuts are harvested at the autumnal equinox.

White Dew fields are full of mud, and sweet potatoes grow one skin a day.

White Dew sees wet mud, and one skin a day.

White Dew grows onions and cold dew grows garlic.

the flowers of the White Dew have long been white in low temperature and frost.

the White Dew grows in high mountains and rivers at the autumn equinox.

the White Dew sows early and is afraid of being bitten by insects.

head the White Dew to cut the valley and cross the White Dew to beat dates.

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