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What is the White Dew Marquis "the goose comes"

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The arrival of the

solar term must have a very important impact on people's life. If we timely understand the significance of each solar term, it will also be helpful to our own life. Then, when the Bailu solar term comes, what customs and cultures exist and what activities will people carry out?

白露一侯是什么 “鸿雁来”

what is the season of white dew? The season of White Dew is when the geese come. Hong is big and wild goose is small. They are two different kinds. Wild geese fly north in February and South in August. They are going to find a warm place to spend the winter.

Bailu solar term how to keep healthy

1. Walnut

Bailu solar term is also the time when walnut is mature. It is a very famous nut. Eating it can not only improve Yang Qi, but also warm lung and defecate. After entering the White Dew, the weather will continue to cool. It is necessary to improve Yang Qi in time to maintain the balance of yin and Yang in the body.

2. Longan

it is said that longan should be eaten on the day of Bailu solar term, because the nutrition of eating a longan at this time can be comparable to that of a chicken. In this way, nature is to reflect the nutritional value of longan. Proper consumption of its pulp can nourish blood, calm nerves, replenish qi and spleen. It is a good product for us to nourish and maintain health at ordinary times.

agricultural activities of the White Dew solar term

the weather of the White Dew solar term will change from heat to cold, and everything will gradually wither and mature with the growth of the cold. The White Dew season is a busy season all over China. In Northeast China, millet, sorghum and soybeans began to be harvested, and some places began to pick new cotton; At the same time, we should select and keep seeds for cotton, corn, sorghum, millet and soybeans, timely vacate stubble, prepare land, send fertilizer and rush to plant wheat. In North China, it is also a busy autumn harvest season. All kinds of autumn crops have matured and began to harvest; At the same time of autumn harvest, we must pay close attention to sending dung, ploughing and leveling the land, and make preparations for wheat planting as soon as possible. Winter wheat began to be sown in the northwest. In the White Dew season, there is a busy scene everywhere in Southwest China, because "the White Dew is boundless, and the millet is full of yellow fields. Rice and millet have to be harvested in time. In late autumn, crops such as corn and sweet potato have to strengthen field management to promote their early maturity, so as to avoid the damage caused by low temperature."

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