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What is the second Marquis of Bailu: the return of Xuanniao“

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Each solar term of

has its unique influence significance, so when the Bailu solar term comes, what aspects should be understood is the most suitable? After all, this is a state of solidarity with the 24 solar terms. In the Bailu solar terms, timely understanding will help them make a better analysis of other solar terms.


what is the second phase of Bailu? The second phase of Bailu is called yuanniaogui. Yuan Niao Yan also. Gao Ying said: the spring equinox comes and the autumn equinox goes; At this time, Yan moved from north to south. Yan is the bird of the south, so it is called return. The black bird returns. When the spring equinox comes and the autumn equinox is approaching, the cool wind curls and the dew is wet. It should go. When the swallow goes to the nest, there will be no cicada. All things are pregnant with leaving wounds in silence. Hawthorn is red, persimmons are hung all over the tree, but the branches and leaves are sparse, hibiscus flowers are withered, grass roots are yellow, and the first flying fallen leaves have begun to affect missing. Yan goes to Hong, leaves year after year, and when the autumn light is going to dusk and the years are fading.

the custom of White Dew solar term

1. The custom of collecting clear dew

is popular among Chinese people. In the compendium of Materia Medica of Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, it is recorded that "when autumn dew is numerous, it is collected on a plate and fried like a malt, which prolongs the year without hunger." "Autumn dew on the head of a hundred grasses can cure all kinds of diseases, stop thirst, make people light without hunger and have pleasant muscles." "dew on a hundred flowers makes people good color". Therefore, collecting clear dew has become the most special "ceremony" of Bailu.

2. Drinking Bailu tea

Bailu tea is the tea picked in Bailu season, which is popular among the people "Spring tea is bitter, summer tea is astringent, you should drink tea, autumn White Dew" It is said that after the hot summer, Bailu tea is another good time for its growth. Bailu tea is neither as fresh and tender as spring tea, nor as dry and bitter as summer tea. It has a little too much taste and gives people a good feeling. Take a sip, and the taste between lips and teeth is full of glycol, which is very favored by some tea drinkers

taboos of Bailu solar term

1. Avoid blind control of diet

because the energy reserve and nutrients of the human body should be comprehensive and balanced and must be provided through rich diet.

2. Avoid blind eating crabs.

After the Bailu solar term, autumn is the season when crabs are fat. Crabs in this season are big, fat and delicious. Moreover, when entering the Bailu solar term, crabs will climb to the shore and be easy to catch. Therefore, autumn has become the best time to eat crabs. Although crabs are delicious, they have a lot of attention. Crabs should be cleaned. There are a lot of bacteria and sludge in crabs. If they are not cleaned, these bacteria and sludge will be destroyed Parasites may bring


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