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What is "birds raising shame" in the third season of white dew

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although we feel the change of weather in our life, some other animals or plants also have the same feeling. Why do birds have shame when the White Dew solar term comes? Which aspect should we understand from?


what are the three seasons of White Dew

by observing the natural scenery, the ancients of our country divided White Dew into three seasons: "first, when the geese come, second, when the black birds return, and third, when the birds are ashamed." it means that in this solar term, the migratory birds such as geese and swallows take shelter from the cold in the south, and hundreds of birds began to store dried fruit grain for winter. At present, farmers are also busy harvesting crops, which is the so-called "grab autumn, grab autumn, lose if you don't grab it". During the Bailu period, local folk customs mainly spread such customs as offering sacrifices to Dayu, brewing grain wine and drinking Bailu tea. The meaning of


Bailu solar terms


Bailu solar terms is the 15th solar term of the 24 solar terms in the Yellow calendar, the third solar term in autumn, the end of Shenyue and the beginning of youyue in the trunk and branch calendar. Douzhigui; The sun reaches 165 degrees yellow meridian; The festival will be held on September 7-9 of the Gregorian calendar. "White Dew" is an important solar term reflecting the growth of cold in nature. As the weather gradually turns cool, the sun is still hot in the daytime, but the temperature drops quickly in the evening, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. From


to Bailu, the summer monsoon is gradually replaced by the winter monsoon, and the cold air turns defensive into attack. In addition, the direct point of the sun moves south, the sunshine time in the northern hemisphere becomes shorter, the light intensity weakens, and the ground radiation and heat dissipation is fast, so the temperature decline speed is also gradually accelerated. Bailu basically ended the sultry summer, the weather gradually turned cool, cold born dew condensation. The ancients used four seasons to match five elements. Autumn is golden, golden and white. They used white to describe autumn dew, so they named it

the blessing words of the White Dew solar term

1. After the White Dew Festival, the day is cold and the night is hot. Pay attention not to show your body, and remind you sooner or later. Although it is mild during the day, don't be shirtless, the incidence of asthma is high, prevention is very important, diet should be careful, and fish and shrimp should be eaten less, The skin is easy to dry and crack. Take more life support. Happy Bailu day!

2. Summer has passed. Can a cold be far away? "Bailu" quietly came to cheer for the cold. If she didn't want to be the "loser" of it and the cold, she had to add clothes and exercise. Let's be healthy and happy to give the "Bailu" to you!

3. The wild goose is in the south, and the vegetation is exposed. God is warning you that the weather is getting cooler. Dear relatives, when Bai Lu arrives, quickly abandon the habit of enjoying the cool in summer, dress and sleep, pay attention to keeping warm, and pay attention to light diet and nutritional collocation. Your health is your comfort to me!

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