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When is the autumnal equinox this year? 3:20:55 on September 23

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when the sun is no longer hot, the autumn wind rises gradually and adds a bit of coolness. Everyone will choose to go home early because the day is short and the night is longer. At this time, we should pay more attention to the changes of the weather and add clothes in time to maintain physical health. This article will tell you about the important seasons in late autumn.

今年的秋分是什么时候  9月23日3点20分55秒

when is this year's autumnal equinox

the autumnal equinox in 2021 is on August 17 of the lunar calendar, but we should also understand it as a time point, that is, on Thursday, September 23 of the Gregorian calendar, the specific time is 3:20:55 a.m. now science and technology have made great progress, and we can accurately predict the detailed minutes and seconds, By understanding the solar term, we can understand the experience summary obtained by the ancients from the calendar to guide agricultural production, which has had a far-reaching impact. What are the origins of


? It is said that


were originally a harvest season, and everyone would hold relevant sacrificial ceremonies. In addition, there was a saying of "sacrificing the Moon Festival" in ancient times. As the saying goes, "sacrificing the sun in spring and sacrificing the moon in autumn". Modern Mid Autumn Festival comes from the traditional "sacrificing the Moon Festival". According to textual research, the initial worship of the moon was set at the autumnal equinox. However, because this day is different every year in August of the lunar calendar, there may not be a full moon, and the worship of the moon without the moon is a great evil. Therefore, it was moved to August 15 of the lunar calendar, symbolizing reunion. This season also has another meaning, that is, the autumn is divided equally. In "spring and autumn numerous dew · Yang in and out chapter I and II", it says: "the autumnal equinox is half Yang, so the day and night are both cold and hot." that's what it means. Summary of blessings related to


solar terms


① the autumn wind is refreshing, the mood is wonderful, the autumn chrysanthemum is brilliant, the life is good, the autumn rain is lingering, the good luck is around, the autumn day is warm and the troubles are few. The autumn equinox blessing is delivered. May you have a good harvest in spring and autumn!

② open the door of the season and come to the window at the autumnal equinox. Sniff the fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus and listen to the whispering of Qinglu. Looking at the red maple leaves, looking back at the golden rice. The beauty of autumn fills the heart, refreshing and happy.

③ autumn is divided into two nights, one night is cool; Although the dew is beautiful, don't forget your clothes; It's warm to wake up with a little text message.

④ solemnly remind: the autumnal equinox is coming, the weather is cold, the darkness is early, the night is long, the chill is thick, the mat should be removed, the quilt should be thick, and the clothes should be properly added.

⑤ the autumnal equinox is coming, the leaves are yellow, and pieces of happiness fall from the sky. A group of geese fly south, one in line with the word "Fu" and the other in line with the word "Yun". From time to time, they convey my words to you: it's cold in the sky and autumn, love yourself!

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