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China will set up a harvest festival for farmers every year at the autumn equinox of the lunar calendar

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the night is as cold as water and the cold moon is as frost. The sky will look higher and farther, which means that the harvest season is really coming. In order to let everyone feel the changes of seasons, the ancients condensed the summarized wisdom into a set of calendar, which is still used by people today. Let's talk about what other festivals can be spent at the autumnal equinox.

我国将每年农历秋分设立为什么节  农民的丰收节

what is the lunar autumnal equinox

China sets the annual autumnal equinox as the harvest festival, because it is the season when the fruits are ripe, and everyone is busy harvesting, such as rice and crops in the orchard. Spring planting and autumn harvest, spring flowers and autumn fruits, one year's hard work, fruitful in golden autumn, can best reflect the joy of harvest. At the same time, it is a good performance for contemporary people to accurately grasp the laws of the season and embellish traditional civilization with modern thinking. Therefore, the establishment of this festival is of great significance, that is, it conforms to the season and can also bring us a lot of inspiration.

what are the customs of this solar term

1. Sending autumn cattle: in fact, it is a seasonal activity, which is not common today. People will print the pattern of farmers' farming on paper, which is called "autumn cattle picture". The picture givers are good folk singers. They mainly say that autumn ploughing and auspiciousness do not violate the agricultural season. When they go to each house, they are inspired by the scene and say what they see until the owner is happy to give money. It expresses the people's longing for a better life.

2. Stepping on autumn: generally, at the autumnal equinox, children go to the suburbs to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Children will also take kites to open places, which is full of fun.

3. Drink autumn soup: people in rural areas will go to the fields to pick autumn vegetables on this day. Most of them are light green and thin, about the length of a palm. The collected autumn vegetables are usually "boiling soup" with fish fillets at home, which is called "autumn soup". Drink the moral and pray for good weather and peace in the coming year.

what are the relevant creative copywriting

1. Half midsummer, half cinnamon wine fragrance, half hot, half red leaves.

2. Be willing to share autumn with mountains and seas, not compete with the sun and moon.

3. The autumnal equinox is accompanied day and night, walking all the way, dreaming of home and hometown.

4. The sun and night are long, and all things in heaven and earth are beautiful.

5. Stick autumn fat and be healthy and thin, and replenish calcium frequently when autumn harvest is busy.

6. Enjoy the cool weather in winter and summer, and the grain is ripe at the autumn equinox.

7. The shadow of the day and the cold of the moon are equal in length. A cup of green tea tastes autumn light.

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