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What month is the 2021 autumnal equinox? It begins on September 23

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The change of

season may make people feel at a loss, because they can't grasp the rhythm of time, coupled with the bleak autumn wind, it will inevitably affect their mood. However, it is suggested that young partners should maintain an optimistic attitude and lay a good foundation to make next year another harvest season. This article introduces the solar terms related to autumn.

2021秋分是几月几日  9月23日始入秋

what month is the autumnal equinox in 2021

this year is on September 23 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, August 17 of the lunar calendar. At the autumnal equinox, because the late autumn is coming, the weather has obviously cooled down. Although the weather is still very hot at noon during the day, there are warm autumn winds in the morning and evening, It makes people feel very comfortable. Everyone should take their coats when going out to prevent catching a cold.

what is the meaning of the solar terms

firstly, it belongs to one of the twenty-four solar terms. According to this ancient calendar, people can judge the weather and prepare for it, which has played an important guiding role in agricultural production. Secondly, it is also stipulated as a harvest festival in China. By holding a series of agricultural culture and folk cultural activities with local and national characteristics, it can enrich the material and cultural life of farmers and show the spiritual style of new farmers in the new era, which conforms to the expectations of hundreds of millions of farmers and meets the needs for a better life. So at the autumnal equinox, we can see lively banquets in rural areas. We celebrate each other and pray for a good harvest in the coming year.


are recommended for ancient poems related to


. ① the reflection is oblique and the clouds are thin. Jiang Hongming drinks far away, and the rain falls in the gorge. The wild goose finally goes high, and the bear feels fat. The autumnal equinox guests are still there, and the bamboo dew is slightly in the evening——


in Du Fu's "evening fine" ② the light of the lake and the moon are in harmony, and the surface of the lake is without wind and mirror. In the distance, the landscape of Dongting is green, and there is a green snail in the silver plate——


in Liu Yuxi's "looking at Dongting" ③ remember this in summer and get the autumnal equinox sooner or later. When the old moon comes, the new cicada sits and suddenly hears. The wind regulates the diseased leaves, and the gully water separates the residual clouds. Do not have a cool place, calm is not like you——


in Zhou he's going to enjoy the cool in Wang's former residence ④ turn to the white clouds, and the return wind is clear. Frost flowers deceive the eyes of customers, and river geese are afraid of autumn Han. The sound of a stone spring is thin, and the shadow of the sun on thousands of peaks is cold. The smoke is deep, the birds are silent, and the way home is long——

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