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What month is the beginning of autumn in 2021

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  The beginning of autumn is the beginning of autumn in China. The beginning of autumn indicates that the hot summer is about to pass and autumn is about to come. At this time, people should go to bed early and get up early. It is appropriate to nourish yin and moisten lung. Therefore, people also like the arrival of this festival. Although the heat is hard to dissipate for a while, the cool weather is coming. Happy beginning of autumn, friends!

2021年立秋是几月几号 晚立秋

what month is the beginning of autumn in 2021

the Chinese astronomical calendar 2021 shows that the "beginning of autumn" solar term will be ushered in at 14:54 on August 7, which means that summer is over and autumn is coming, and the golden wind is approaching. "Beginning of autumn" is the 13th of the 24 solar terms and the first solar term in autumn, usually before and after August 8 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The ancients of our country divided the fifteen days of the beginning of autumn into three periods: one is the arrival of cool wind; Second, white dew; Three cold cicadas chirp.

is it early autumn or late autumn this year?


have the folk saying that "early autumn is cool and chilly, and late autumn is hot and dead cattle". It says that if the beginning of autumn is in the morning, the weather is cool; If the beginning of autumn is after the afternoon, the weather will be hot for a while. Early autumn or late autumn depends on the specific time point. Early refers to the time period from 0:00 to 12:00, and late refers to the time period from 12:00 to 24:00. The time period of "cool and hot" should refer to July of the lunar calendar, which is related to the ancient calendar of China. In ancient China, the moon was recorded according to the heavenly stems and earth branches, and the solar term became the starting and ending point of the month. The beginning of autumn corresponds to the beginning of Shenyue, that is, the seventh month of the year. In addition, the beginning of autumn often occurs at the turn of June and July of the lunar calendar, so people compare the relationship between cool and hot in July of the lunar calendar through the morning and evening of the beginning of autumn. If the beginning of autumn is in the afternoon, it is "late autumn". The beginning of autumn in 2021 is 14:53:48 on August 7, 2020, so it is late autumn, and the hot time will be longer.

the climate characteristics of beginning of autumn are

The beginning of autumn, precipitation humidity and other factors are the turning point of the year, and the precipitation humidity is constantly decreasing. After entering autumn, the gas of yin and Yang begins to change in nature, everything begins to grow from lush to mature, and the climate begins to transition from rainy, humid and hot in summer to rainy and dry in autumn. The season changes, rainfall and dry humidity in the south The change is obvious; in terms of temperature, the day of "beginning of autumn" is often still in a moderate period.

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