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What does the autumnal equinox mean? Day and night are equinox in the middle of autumn

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in August of the lunar calendar, the autumn wind is cool. Looking at the golden rice ears in the field and the heavy fruits in the orchard, a sense of satisfaction will arise spontaneously, because this is a season with harvest significance, which is impressive to people. So what are the specific meanings? Let's analyze it for you.

秋分是什么意思 秋季中间昼夜平分

what does the autumnal equinox mean

it has two meanings. Geographically, the direct point of the sun on this day is just at the equator and reaches 180 degrees of the Yellow longitude. The 24-hour day and night are divided equally, 12 hours each, so the day and night are of equal length. In terms of climate, it changes from heat to cool. In ancient China, the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer, the beginning of autumn and the beginning of winter were the four seasons. The autumnal equinox ranked among the 90 days of autumn and divided autumn equally. Therefore, the key to farming is to pay attention to the rush harvest of crops and decide when to carry out autumn farming according to the weather characteristics of various places.

what are the three seasons in this season? Each solar term


has its own periodic characteristics, so it is often divided into three seasons. The autumnal equinox refers to: "first, the thunder begins to stop, second, the insects are stung, and third, the water begins to dry up." the ancients thought that the thunder sounded because of the prosperity of Yang Qi. After the autumnal equinox, the Yin Qi began to flourish, so there was no thunder. Then the weather became cold, and the dormant insects began to hide in the cave, and sealed the hole with fine soil to prevent the invasion of cold. The weather became dry and the water vapor evaporated quickly, so the water in lakes and rivers became less, and some swamps and water depressions dried up. The above three sentences vividly describe the scene of this season, which has also brought great inspiration to the agricultural production of the working people.

the poems related to this solar term recommend

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in Wang Wei's autumn dusk on the mountain 3. The leaves sound like rain and the moon is as white as frost. Who is the duster bed when you lie alone at night—— Bai Juyi's autumn Eve


4. The sun's feet are not wholehearted, and a leaf is flying yellow all over the eyes of autumn. He went to the mountain to chase Song Yu and moaned about who was worried——


in Li misson's four poems in the early autumn of the history of the Bachelor of secondary rhymes are washed by the rain, and the three rivers are clear. The wind in the forest carries the spirit of Hao, and the leaves send the sound of business. Suddenly lotus is born. Look at chrysanthemum spitting English. In times of peace, when people are old, why should they report false life—— Shao Yong's five early autumn songs with Li Wensi

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