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The origin of the autumnal equinox

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as a country with excellent cultural heritage, we have loved to listen to all kinds of legends and stories since childhood, and our elders will tell them, because ancient festivals always have their origin and show wonderful civilization. Then we should know more about the origin of seasons, because they have an important impact on Agricultural production and daily life.

秋分的来历 秋季之中分点

the origin of the autumnal equinox

in fact, the working people in China have known about the autumnal equinox as early as thousands of years ago. For example, Dong Zhongshu's "autumn and autumn dew · Yin and Yang go up and down": "as for the moon of the Mid Autumn Festival, Yang is in the East and Yin is in the west, which is called the autumnal equinox. The autumnal equinox is half Yin and Yang, so the cold and heat are flat day and night." This is a solar term that divides autumn equally, because there are 90 days from the beginning of autumn to frost. The benefits of this season are in the middle. Its arrival means that we have really entered late autumn, and the weather begins to turn cold, especially in the morning and evening. The climate is characterized by cool wind, which is not as hot as that in summer. What are the customs related to




stand eggs: as the saying goes, "when the autumn equinox comes, the eggs are beautiful". On the spring equinox or autumn equinox every year, many people are doing the "vertical egg" test. They think that the equinox is conducive to the egg to stand up. In fact, there is no exact scientific basis, but it is very entertaining.


stick sparrow mouth: in some rural areas, it is necessary to rest farming on this day, then eat dumplings, and cook more than ten or twenty or thirty dumplings that do not need to be wrapped up. They are placed on the outdoor field edge ridge with thin bamboo forks, so as not to damage the crops by sparrows, which expresses people's hope for a good harvest in the coming year.


eat autumn vegetables: in fact, they are fine wild vegetables. They come back to cook soup and drink. They pray for good weather and bumper crops next year.

what are the proverbs

① don't rush, don't be too late, it's right to plant wheat in autumn.

② the grain of wheat is round at the autumnal equinox, and the grain of wheat in the cold dew is Daogou.

③ planting wheat at the right time and harvesting it year after year.

④ early millet and late wheat do not return home. Pay close attention to the word "early" when planting wheat.

⑤ wheat is planted in August soil, not picked in September.

⑥ autumn is busy, and the embroidered girl will go out of the boudoir.

⑦ White Dew is early, cold dew is late, and it is time to plant wheat in autumn.

⑧ see the wheat seedlings at the autumnal equinox, and the wheat needles fall in the cold dew.

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