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What month and day is the beginning of autumn 2021

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is the beginning of autumn. Whenever we see the leaves slowly turning golden and falling gently, we know that it is the change of seasons and the arrival of autumn. Autumn is also divided into many periods. The beginning of autumn is one of them. How much do you know? Now let me tell you.

几月几日立秋 2021立秋具体时间

what month is the beginning of autumn 2021 specific time

this year, the solar term is Saturday, August 7, June 29 of the lunar calendar, and its detailed time point is 14:53:48. The proverb also divides it into three periods, namely "when the cool wind comes, the white dew falls and the cold cicada chirps." it vividly depicts the climate characteristics of this stage. The cool wind is no longer as hot as the summer day. There will be dew in the morning, that is, the condensation of fog. The cold cicada is smaller than the general cicada, green and red, with yellow and green spots and transparent wings. Its cry is low when it is cold. It usually calls in the trees in late summer and early autumn.

what is the origin of autumn

refers to the beginning. Autumn represents the maturity of crops. It belongs to the 13th of the 24 solar terms, and it is also the end of the last month of the Ganzhi calendar and the beginning of the month. The date is usually at the end of June or the beginning of July of the lunar calendar. Wutong had measured the origin of the season thousands of years ago. In the Song Dynasty, the phoenix trees in the heavenly palace moved into the palace in the palace. When the time came, the emperor would sing loudly: "autumn comes." after that, Wutong fell down one or two leaves to show the meaning of autumn.

what is the custom of autumn

1. Autumn society, which was originally the day of sacrificing the land God in autumn, began in the Han Dynasty. This is people's thanks to the gods after the harvest. Now this custom is still retained in some places.

2. Stick autumn fat. In summer, people will lose appetite due to the hot weather, so they may lose weight. At the beginning of autumn, when the weather is cool, people will choose to eat all kinds of meat on this day to increase nutrition and make up for the loss in summer. It symbolizes "filling fat with meat", which is the so-called "stick autumn fat".

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